Harmonia – Key’s 15th anniversary is confirmed

Been a while, 😀 haha I know … also happy fool days (well, it’s already late xD) speak about April fools, there’s an announcement in April 1 from key that they’re currently working on a new project for their 15th anniversary called Harmonia. at first, I thought this is some kind of joke that every developer do for April, but based on their previous announcement for Angel Beats, and the year before (Rewrite), I began to think that this is real, though I need to wait till the next day to make sure that this is real (well, is indeed real xD)

Announced the official site with only a PV and OST information, Itaru Hinoue still the lead designer (while Na Ga currently on work with the new Key-PA.Works anime project, and won’t be in this project) with planning by Sakikage, the story is (based on the PV from the site, sorry if it’s a poor interpret by me from that PV, I’m still learning Jap :D) about a machine young boy who happen to wake in a world he didn’t know, he walking in that world till he met a singing girl and began to live there. Other information such as the character (aside of the boy and the singing girl and a little girl with teddy in the end of the PV) are still need to wait 😀

[Galge List] of June (2014)

Back with a list that is suppose to posted in June (but it turn posted in July instead, sorry ^.^) with 3 big title coming in June, parretto’s title Koi ga Sakukoro Sakura Doki maybe is the most anticipated title in June. The game that they’re already announced it 2 years ago (yep, it’s been 2 years since their open the site in public for the first time with only a character silhouette on it ^-^). Following parreto, there’s caramel-box’s Semirami no Tenbin, a new project from the maker of that phenomenal trap galge Otoboku (but this new game isn’t a trap game :D) and GIGA’s newest Harvest Overlay. The rest are Aries game Scramble Lovers, and ID’s game Love Relation

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Alice graduate from Claris

Today as usual, I’m wandering looking for something interesting (about galge and some music stuff) and accidentally found out a big news (for me as their fans :O it’s a bit late though, still … it’s shocking me! O_o) that Alice will be graduate from Claris (graduate … yes I prefer graduate rather than leave … it’s also what she said in her message 😦 ) Sony Music Entertainment as their label records already confirm that in May 26 (wow, I didn’t notice that … why didn’t I found it sooner -_- )  and the 3rd album Party Time would be Alice’s last album as a member of Claris T_T . It appear that Alice would want to concentrate on her study first as what she said in her message to the fans in Claris official site Continue reading

[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Tokohana

Another good single released yesterday after the 3rd Claris album that’s also out yesterday, yanagi nagi coming with her newest single Tokohana. It’s basically an ending for the ‘currently aired’ anime series Black Bullet (while the OP theme already out last month) and would be her (if I’m not mistaken :-/ ) 12th single so far (exclude her work in collaboration with other singer) 😀

Contains of 6 track with half of it are instrumental, as I said before the first track is used for the Black Bullet ending theme which is also used as the single title, while the rest are new songs. The single out with 2 different edition, the regular and the limited edition which include a DVD video (music video) as a bonus.

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[Music In-View] Claris – Party Time

It’s only 2 month after the last single “STEP” released in April which is basically a single for the Anime series Nisekoi that also airing around that season (If I’m not mistaken, Nisekoi is on the spring anime season category, while today season for anime are categorized as summer), now this lovely duo came with their newest and 3rd album so far 😀

The 3rd is called Party Time … yeah let’s party 😀 … while this should be release in April 4, 2014 but the Limited Edition (with DVD) already “launched” yesterday (or maybe 2 days ago, even in amazon.jp are available for purchase 🙂 ) though the regular edition and 1 special edition will be release tomorrow (pre order already open though :p). The regular still contains only their 12 track without any bonuses, while the limited will be with 1 DVD contains of PV for “colorful” (Madoka Magica Movie), “CLICK” and “STEP” (Nisekoi OP theme) and some “stuff” 😀
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Navel’s Tsukiyori sequel has been confirmed

Yep, the second season … haha I mean the sequel of the previous series Tsuki ni yorisou Otome no Sahou (and the spin off Ecole de Paris) has been confirmed by Navel yesterday (well … this 2nd also a part of the celebration of the 10 anniversary). Announced for the first time at Dengeki Hime, site open yesterday with lots of info and some campaign, though I’m too lazy to read all of the info 😀 (maybe I should waiting the trial version come out first) I don’t know about the protagonist or the heroine …

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[Galge List] of May (2014)

Back to listing some galge again, but I’m barely playing some (blamed this summer anime season for that, too much good series that is a pity to missed) 😀

Anyway this month will be great …

… or so I want to shout at first, after I got the fact that muv luv Total Eclipse are cancelled for this month and move to July 😦 the other are still on the track such as Ensemble’s Golden Marriage, the debut Majo Koi Niki from Qoobrand, and Sorahane’s 3rd Haruka Kanata (somehow, this game remind me of Yosuga no Sora, for it’s similar heroine and the protagonist :D) along with Happiness Emotion from windmill, the porting of old PS2 120 En no Haru from nekonekosoft and the new but old Cube game Your Diary+H … yes, it’s an old game that got PSP version last year, and it seem this version is based on the PSP version with the addition of some new scenario and stuff (you know what I mean about H, right? :D) while ID’s Love Relation got delay to next month.

not much of the choice for this month, but it’s also a good thing for your wallet (and your space :D) … and just as usual, be careful with the link :p (18+ only)

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[Galge List] of April (2014)

I have return 😀 with a list for this month. had been busy lately with some work and vocaloid …. xD got addicted to that (and their project diva) which made me leave galge world for a while 😦 (I’m sorry for that and my pardon for 3 month missing list ._. … well this supposed to be march list but I’m move to April :3)

Anyway, here’s the list for April’s release that is worth to play (based on my observation :p ) and I will try my best not to slack off again 😦

but … I didn’t see any title that catch my interest in this list 🙂

All of the game are released in the same date April, 25 and rated for ages Over 18 … so, be careful when you enter the link (I’m warning you :3)

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[Galge News] feng’s 9th, Ryohka-sensei is back

Confirmation of feng’s upcoming project, and their 9th project so far. Official site announced with only a pic of a girl sitting on a sofa holding up  her skirt (^.^) without other information … except the illustrator name Ryohka 😀 … after missing in 2 project, Ryohka-sensei finally take a part again (it’s been a while seeing her work in feng’s project since Hoshizora e Kakaruhashi)

Yet, the question is … what happened with the 8th project? if I’m not mistaken, the announcement and the official site already open since last year but some update still nothing so far >.< and now they’re announced another new project?? I hope they didn’t abandon this 😦