[Galge News] Shuffle Essence+


on October 30, we get another new again from Navel xD

yes, Shuffle Essence + (as they mention it on their Official Site)

dunno if that’s a continuation from the original Shuffle or just Shuffle itself with addition new character and new story (well … i can’t read the Japanese … sorry)

aside of that, we got a bunch of new chara (some of them not that new though)

icon_kareha icon_tsubomi

Kareha and her sister Tsubomi


Mayumi Thyme (she’s too xD)


Sakura Yae (another Childhood Friend of Rin from Really!Really? series)




Nadeshiko Benibara (everybody know this hot sensei xD)


Matsuri Ruri

of course we can’t forgot all the chara in shuffle original such as the protagonist (Tsuchimi Rin), Kaede Fuyou, Nerine, Sia, Shigure Asa-senpai, Primula also both Nerine and Sia’s Parents xD

you can get the info here



2 thoughts on “[Galge News] Shuffle Essence+

  1. It’s been years, and they still continue what-they-so-called-masterpiece?-game here…?

    EPIC game become epic beacause they are great & only released once… it’s not epic anymore of they’re release it over and over and over again….

    I’m so bored with this kind of strategy… Shuffle, Tick-Tack, Really? Really!, and now Shuffle Essence+…. can guess what next…?

    Anyhow, this game is crossover between Shuffle, Shuffle -On the Stage- (PS2), and plus some new element (character & story)….

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