Comic Market 76 (C76)

C76 will began at 14 to 16 August xD

prepare yourself for the new exited stuff from galge publisher xD


from ALcot we got ALcot Visual book vol 1, including the preservation Triptych, a summer day, a total of three works, the subject is raised Visual Fan Book, and a book of painting of the illustrations

and for those who purchase that book of paintings, will receive a special plastic bag from ALcot O_o

also we got President’s Childhood friend [The Presidents] CD Chara Song (幼なじみは大統領 キャラクターソングCD 『THE PRESIDENTS』)

the game itself will release on October 30 this year xD

info about that stuff and the other nice stuff from ALcot … just click the image above xD


and from Moonstone we got this Fandisc from Majisuki featuring Fuyu-nee (Amatsu Touko) and her companion Idol xD (i’m waiting for this stuff)


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