C76 from Paretto

from Paretto we got THIS
mashiro_setmashiro set of merchandise ;_; (i really want all of them but i can’t go to Japan)

the game itself will be release at October 30 this year (another my most waiting game) xD

also we got this too xD

pareoto2if i’m not mistaken … this soundtrack album include all the OST game from 2006 to 2009 though from what i see it’s only 3 series of their games (include 1 fandisc) 😀

4 songs from Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaba

2 songs from Emupii

4 songs from Sakura Strasse

and the last 2 songs from Sakuranbo Strasse (Sakura Strasse fandisc)

i’m waiting for this one xD

the other nice stuff on their Official Site (well … just click the pic above) xD


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