Tsubasa – Very Best of Mikuni Shimokawa (10th Anniversary Best Album)

my fav singer Shimokawa Mikuni xD


Tsubasa (翼) – Very Best of Mikuni Shimokawa

下川みくに 10周年 ベストアルバム (Shimokawa Mikuni 10th Anniversary Best Album)

on this album includes Full Metal Panic series of OST; 2 FMP songs, 1 fumoffu song, and 2 the second raid song

also, some OST from other anime series such as Gensomaden Sayuki (alone), Grenaider (kanashimini Makenaide), and Dragon Drive (tatta hitotsu)

the 18 songs inside this album are

01.  それが、愛でしょう (Sore ga Ai desyou)

02.  翼 ~memories of maple story~ (Tsubasa ~ memories of maple story)

03.  Bird

04.  蕾 ~tsubomi~ (ryou tsubomi)

05.  想い出がいっぱい (omoide ga ippai)

06.  もう一度君に会いたい (mouichido kimi ni aitai)

07.  ねずみは米がすき (nezumi wa kome ga suki)

08.  悲しみに負けないで (kanashimini makenaide)

09.  藍色の空の下で

10.  あの日に帰りたい (ano hi ni kaeritai)

11.  はじまり (カバーバージョン) (hajimari (cover version))

12.  南風.mp3 (minami kaze)

13.  tomorrow

14.  キミの願い (kimi no negai)

15.  BELIEVER~旅立ちの歌~

16.  Alone

17.  たった、ひとつの (tatta hitotsu no)

18.  枯れない花.mp3 (Karenai Hana)

also … there is a Mandarin version of the Lyric song in this album


well … sorry if i’m making a mistake about the latin version of the Japanese title song (correct me if i’m wrong)

somehow … i feel a nostalgic feeling while hearing her song (and her voice) xD

after all … i like Shimokawa Mikuni’s song because of Full Metal Panic (the OP and the ED) xD


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