Sorairo delayed


new game from nekonekosoft Sorairo have been delayed again ;_;

new release date announced from their Official site that they’ll release this game on September 18 this year ;_;

it delayed again after so many times ;_; oh man … must wait another month

by the way … the OP of this game have been announced and can be downloaded at  their official site (click on the pic above) or watch it at youtube

here the OP

nice OP xD
well … you can say this is a Lamune sequel or something after watching that OP xD
Tsubame’s mother really similar with Nanami xD (her family name also Tomosaka who was the Hero in previous game Lamune)

and one more thing, they’ve also release the Trial version of this game at their official site 😀

uh … i really can’t wait this game and for nekonekosoft to be reborn again after they close down the site for a long time (from 2006 to now) and their bankruptcy (that’s what the rumor said xD)


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