Sakura Tale


new game from Fizz (after they last project Asanagi no Aquanauts) and their 5th project so far

Sakura Tale (さくらテイル)

the game itself will be release on August 28 this year (my most waited game this month), but before that … lets just take a peek for a while xD

Short Sinopsis (correct me if i’m wrong)

the story is about a boy who happen live by himself away from his house, and want to seek a new life in his new school, but get involved with some kind of troublesome freshmen-recruitment for a council in that school (or something like that)

as long as he will counter many of heroine in that school, include her sister who happened to meet again after such a long time (still unsure if his sister is really blood related to him or not)

sneak peek the heroine

Amami Mikage

Tomono Aiba

Lyde de le Fehfer

Rinko Wakaba

Kaoruko Livingstone

Fuduki Miwa

Amami Mikage is the hero’s sister
and my fav seiyuu Kazane will play the role as Amami Mikage. Also there are other well known seiyuu such as Aoba Ringo as Fehfer and Maki Izumi as Fuduki (…) xD

Sakura Tale OP&ED Single

the OP single was already release a while ago with Sakakibara Yui perform the opening song titled Sakura Philosophy

you can get all the info also the opening video at their Official Site (just click the banner below the short sinopsis) xD

btw … here’s the op ^_^b


4 thoughts on “Sakura Tale

  1. Not so sure it’s his sister, I did an agth translation of her character synopsis (far from perfect I know) and it said she’s a childhood friend and that they’re not true brother and sister but rather they related to each other like that because they were close.

    • @mamba: hmm … 😕
      so they’re not blood related, eh!?

      close relationship that near to be a pair of sibling (just because they’re too close to each other) 😀

      anyway .. thanks for your comment 😀

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