Marginal Skip Vocal Album – Various Artists


mini album from Moonstone based on their newest game Marginal Skip (Majisuki)

though this stuff was released (about) 3 month ago, but let just take a peek

the contain of this mini album are

01. Promise – Tsukiyo no Kioku –

02. Dakishimete Hoshii yo

03. Brave Heart

04. Tomorrow keep shining

05. Kiss Me Tonight

06. Tomorrow keep shining – piano arrangement –

07. Tomorrow keep shining – piano instrumental –


Promise is the OP song of the game perform by Satou Hiromi feat NANA. Tamiyasu Tomoe (Fuyu-nee’s seiyuu in the game) also perform 3 song, with 2 of them are solo (Tomorrow keep shining, and the piano arrangement version) and the last one (the  song titled Date Course) she “cooperate” (lol xD) along side with Miruku and Kase Aina xD

well … to think that she (Tamiyasu Tomoe) can sing with such a nice voice xD i really never imagine before.

ah … about Tamiyasu Tomoe, she is Rin Natsume’s seiyuu in Little Busters (Key/Visual Arts game) 😀


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