[Preview Galge] Koibumi Romantica


A new game from Chuablesoft (the developer that make Sugar + Spice!) and their 4th project titled Koibumi Romantica (恋文ロマンチカ).

Release Date: 09/18/2009 (click the link for the official website)

Some short sinopsis (correct me if i’m wrong ^_^)

It’s about a man named Yuge Fumito (the main hero in this game) who had a dream to be a writer and make a big decision to leave his countryside moving to Tokyo.

Chasing his dream with optimism, he found himself in a different case when he arrive at Tokyo.

Poorly, only misfortune came to him, like he’ve been bullied by some bad fellow, even his novel work that he want to show to publisher had been ruined, crushed by the rain.

On that situation, he meet a girl with an umbrella. The girl then giving him a help to stay as a freeloader alongside in a same roof with a writer that he admire Yoinomichi Ginjyou. He then meet other people such as his childhood friend Kandori Mitsu who claimed herself as his fiance due to their promise when they’re still children back then, also he will meet a British girl, and a reporter in his new life at Tokyo.

Though he somehow encounter some unlucky situation, but his dream for being a writer didn’t decrease even a little. He, then again, try to aim that dream, along with the romance in his new life at Tokyo.


Seem like a standar-stereotype romance galge, but the special thing from this galge are, the story setting theme (i think :D) yup … using retro Taisho era of old Japan.

The writer (Akira Hiroshi) want to bring a nice story romance using combination of old style Japanese (some of the girls looks like a Yamato Nadeshiko) and semi-Europan style of old Japan as the story background.

I think, Koibumi Romantica will be a “worth game to play” this month (along with other galge such as Sorairo and Eden) ^^b


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