Satou Hiromi – Sorairo OP Single

Sorairo_OP_Single_froncovernew single from Satou Hiromi (singer that perform Marginal Skip Opening Theme before) also an Opening Single from new coming nekoneko-soft galge titled Sorairo (the single also titled the same as the game itself)

this single was released on August 26 (last week)

includes 4 song with the 2 are Karaoke version (Vocal Off)

01. Sorairo (this song is the OP theme of the game)

02. Darling

03. Sorairo (Vocal Off)

04. Darling (Vocal Off)

Sorairo_OP_Single_backcoverthis is indeed a nice single ^^b (got the flac at LoNE … many2 thanks ^_^)

i like the second one (Darling), hearing that one makes me wanna dance xD

still waiting for the game to be released though -3-


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