Miyuki Hashimoto – Double Flower

Double Flower_coverfrontFinally, new album from Miyuki Hashimoto, after her last album brilliant moment that released at Aug 8, 2008 (a year ago)

this Double Flower album of her was released at September 25 this year (released by Lantis) and includes 13 songs, these are:

01. Hatsukoi Parachute

02. to be continued

03. ever

04. Glossy:MMM

05. Here To Stay

06. Pieces

07. Sky Sanctuary

08. Fortune’s wheel

09. glorious days

10. Koizakura

11. Todoke, Kono Omoi

12. Voice

13. Princess Primp!

3 of them are TV series theme:

Hatsukoi Parachute is (TV series) Akaneiro ni Somaru saka’s Opening song, while Glossy:MMM for Saki TV series OP song and Princess Primp! for Princess Lover TV series opening theme

the rest are galge theme song 😀 (exclude Voice)

– to be continued is (Terios) Happy Princess ~ Another Fairytale ~ theme song
– ever for Ashita no Shitsumi to Au tame ni opening theme
– Here To Stay for PS2 game of Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka: Parallel ending theme
– Pieces was insert song for Navel’s game Tick Tack!
– Sky Sanctuary for (again) Navel’s new game Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai
– Fortune’s wheel for CIRCUS’s Homemaid ~Sweets~ ending theme
– glorious days for Paretto’s Sakuranbo Strasse opening theme
– Koizakura for Purple soft’s Haruiro Ouse opening theme, and the last
– Todoke, Kono Omoi for (Ricotta) Princess Lover!’s galge ending theme

13well … nice alblum from my fav singer Miyuki xD

i’ve been waiting for this album to be released … and finally xD (thanks to LonE) 😀

recommended for all Miyuki’s fans xD


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