Sakakibara Yui – Deja vu/Silky Rain – Single

Yui-nyan Single - Deja vu_Silky Rainnew single from Sakakibara Yui (Yui-nyan) xD that was released at October 7 this year by 5pb/Five Records

this single includes 2 songs and 2 instrumental songs

o1. Deja vu

02. Silky Rain

03. Deja vu -off vocal-

04. Silky Rain -off vocal-

06Deja vu is an opening theme from Bloom Handle galge called Hapitora (Happy Transportation). The character above (inside the single there’s a picture like above xD) is Raika Roberts, a main heroine from the game and draw by Peko-sensei, a well known artist who also make previous game from Bloom Handle titled Konayuki Fururi and known by his work at (well-known Yuri series) Hanabira series. well … the game itself (Hapitora) was released at September 25, 2009 (last month) while Silky Rain is an [TV Tokyo] Anison Purasu+ opening theme.

about the game OP, you can watch the opening video of Hapitora at Youtub, or … if you think that going to youtub is a bit pain, here’s the Hapitora opening theme

05nice single you know 😀 i like both the songs in this single (and to think that i currently playing Hapitora xD)

if you’re thinking that you one of Yui-nyan fans, i think you shouldn’t miss this single, right!? (thanks to LonE again for this single xD)


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