[Galge News] Tsukisome no Kasa: The End of Scarlet Luna


New project from Hiyoko Soft, seem like a mystery (dunno, i can’t read all the Jap kanji sinopsis on their site). The planning for making this game start at February 02, 2009 (that’s what they said at their official site).

Character Cast and some of the CG sample has opened at the game site, along with the announcement of the opening theme. Opening Theme will performed by Rita (it’s her again xD) titled Tsukisome (ツキソメ), and we can hear the OP sample here

looks like a horror game if you look at the banner above :p

ah … also, i don’t know if this is right or just a rumor, but from what i heard, the game itself was scheduled to be release on January 29, 2010 (next year)


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