KOTOKO – Epsilon no Fune

Epsilon_no_Fune_coverKOTOKO’s new album, released by Geneon Entertaintment at October 14 2009. This is her 4th album after her last album Uzu-Maki 3 years ago (2006) under her own name (not I’ve Sound).

There are 13 songs in this album, 9 song are her new song, while the others aren’t that new. Btw, this album also contain a DVD bonus and CD track bonus. DVD contains PV and the making of her hit Epsilon, while the CD track bonus below the list 😀

Here’s the list

01. ε -Epsilon-

02. Real Onigokko

03. -∞-DRIVE

04. scene

05. Ame to Guitar

06. Genkai Daha

07. Monera no Kizuna

08. Hayate no Gotoku!

09. RI←SU→KU


11. Geoglyphs



Plus 2 songs Special CD tracklisting (Tokutenyou CD)

– hitorigoto -2009 version

– hitorigoto -2001 original version

Real Onigokko isn’t her new song, it was from her 10th maxi single title the same with the song.

scene were from Shichiten Hakki Shijou Shugi! (TV anime 2nd opening theme of Hayate no Gotoku), her 9th single.

Hayate no Gotoku! is the Opening theme from TV anime series of Hayate no Gotoku (also her 8th single) and Blaze is theme song from Shakugan no Shana Second (7th single), and … as you can see, the rest are her new songs

a little bit unique about her last song in this album title Little Baby Nothing. This single written in English by James Dean Bradfield, Richard Edwards, Nicholas Allen Jones, and Sean Moore and published by Sony Music Publishing UK. She perform together with Kazuya Takase (from I’ve Sound) and this song is the only English song (lyric in English)

16KOTOKO fans … must have this album xD thanks to LonE for the album, (also to LOEternal (HF member) for the torrent :p)


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