[Preview] Skyprythem


new galge, also Armonica’s first debut game in this “industry” 😀 it was originally released at October 23, but they delayed it to October 30, 2009 (they already post the announcement of this delayed release date at their Official Site)

well … another Music-theme galge (just like Phi Age’s newest game titled Owari naki natsu :D)

little synopsis (as usual … don’t be hesitated to corrected me if i’m wrong xD)

it’s about a hero name Aono Kazuki who happen to be a son of a Musician Family who happen attended to a school that had a music class. This our calm character hero then meet a girl who has an angelic voice name Suzushiro Nanami and decided working together to create a nice Music Festival at that school and introducing a music that everyone never heard before.

Introducing Character

Suzushiro Nanami

friendly, and had a warm personality, but can’t remember all the face of her friends or her acquaintances well. Join in almost every Club in that school but only a Ghost member. because of her cheerful personality, plus her beautiful face, some of the student treated her as a School Idol. Known by her angelic voices

Kouhara Yui

A lovely girl who hates men. She almost cold toward Kazuki every times they’ve meet. She had a dream to be a music therapist. Her favorite place is the School Garden, and always spending her time there just to read a book or taking a nap.

Mizutani Haruka

Tokushin Kurasu no Seito Kaichou, or simply mean (from what i got) President of a Special Promotional Class. A Honorable Young Lady from wealth family, charismatic, talented, polite, and it seem she has many connection not only from inside the school but also from the outside.  She  had a sister, though the relationship seem a bit awkward between them.

Kobayashi Reina

Cool girl who loves band music and had a calm personality. A big eater and always carry some candy or sweets in her pocket. She also loves cute thing, though isn’t openly. In the past, she performed a band as guitarist.

Sasaki Chikako

Bright and Cheerful girl. She always like to play an instrument or singing, thought she seem to had a trauma hearing a saxophone. She had an unique hobby, “playing in the park with children”

Mizutani Yukari

Haruka’s little sister. A Pianist genius, but had failed taking the entrance to promotional exam, and only take regular class. Because of that, her relationship with her sister a bit awkward. She like making sweets and had a low tone of polite manners characteristic


Opening Theme: Ashita no Tenshi performed by Chata

seem like a nice galge 😕 well, looking at the artwork (and the synopsis) isn’t that bad i think 😀 (then i take this to my list xD)

ah … i almost forgot xD Sakakibara Yui will be there as Nanami, while Aoyama Yukari as Haruka and Kawashima Rino as Reina xD (galge player should at least know them, especially Yui-nyan xD)


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