Sakakibara Yui – Yeeeeell!

01Yui-nyan iz back!!! xD

this is her new album, also her 5th album after the latest one titled Joker (last year released). well, to be honest, this album already released on August 26, 2009 (lol … i’m really that late to get this ;_;) but, let aside that thing for a while, and sneak peek the contents xD

01. Yeeeeell! (original)

02. It’s show time

03. Mecha Koi Ranman

04. Boku no Sekai

05. ACTION! (original)

06. warmth (original)

07. Eternal Ring

08. Taiyou no Saku Hoshi de

09. Festivity

10. Blue eyes

11. Try Real!

12. selfish (original)

13. Yume no Tsumi -End in childhood-

14. Shinju no Uta

15. Kiseki no Kizuna (2009 mix)

4 of them are original songs, and the rest (as usual) seems like game theme songs (though not all of them that i know).

Some of the theme that i know, are;

– It’s show time –> Time Leap Paradise (Front Wing’s game) Opening Theme

– Mecha Koi Ranman –> Tenshin Ranman (Yuzu soft’s latest game) Opening Theme

– Boku no Sekai –> Arupejio – Kimiiru no Melody (SIESTA’s game) Opening Theme

– Taiyou no Saku Hoshi de –> Himawari no Chapel de Kimi to (Marron’s game) Opening Theme

– Festivity –> Chu x Chu Paradise – Encore Live (Unisonshift Accent’s game) Opening Theme

– Blue Eyes –> Ending Theme from Fizz game titled Asanagi no Aquanauts

– Yume no Tsumi -End in childhood- –> Opening Theme from ank’s game titled Potto – Rondo for Dears

– Shinju no Uta –> Ending Theme Song of Nitro+ game titled Hello World

– Kiseki no Kizuna –> Opening Theme from Caramel Box’s (developer that made Otome wa boku ni koishiteru) game titled Meguri Hitohiro (the game release befor otoboku) but this is a remix version of the original one

01bas you can see from the Album titled xD 80% of the album contents are cheerful-type songs xD (except Blue Eyes and Shinju no Uta) and … after the released of this album, Yui-nyan released her new single (this month) titled Dejavu/Silky Rain 😀

about her last single –> see THIS


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