[Preview] Hoshiuta ~ Starlight Serenade ~


Late to be a news, but hasty to be a preview xD oh well … let’s just take a look this Frontwing‘s new exciting game xD

Hoshiuta ~ Starlight Serenade ~ is the new sequel (well … you can call it a sequel xD) from the previous game Hoshiuta (released at 2008/12/26)

Little Synopsis (maybe i could say this is a review from the previous game :D)

In a coastal town called Miyoshi, there’s a local legend that if someone can see a so-called Star Song (Hoshi Uta), it can bring any wish to be a reality. But all of the townsfolk only regarded that thing as a myth.

Kazuhiko Suou is a young man who live in that town with her foster sister Nanano. After his grandmother died, he promised to his grandmother that he’ll taking care Nanano, because of her crybaby personality. Now he trying to fulfill the promise and work hard to be an adult person that can bring a nice life to him and his sister Nanano, so she can forget her sadness for losing Grandmother.

In a meantime, he meet a pink-haired beautiful girl that seems trouble for searching something, Kazuhiko then offer his help for that girl, but poorly, the girl was searching a shop that had closed, because the owner had died. After the girl left and he don’t know what to do, Kazuhiko then go to his favorite place, a crescent-shaped rocks on the beach, a place where there’s the legend of Hoshiuta were born. In that place, he meet the pink-haired girl again, and after some short conversation with that girl, she found Kazuhiko habit are similar with the boy she meet long time ago, when she still a child in the same place, and calling Kazuhiko’s name which mean give a bit shock of him “why she know his name!?”

The girl, of course, happy to meet Kazuhiko again after a long time, and it appears that the girl is a transfer student in Kazuhiko’s School

preview_cg_05 (from official site)

Seems like, this sequel will give some various scenario, includes new heroines (or should i say, sub-character from previous game that turn to be a heroine this time xD). The story setting will be taking after the previous game, in autumn, while the previous game is summer.

and it won’t be completed without the chara, so here’s the character (Heroine) profile


Yui Kuroda

Yui is Kazuhiko’s childhood friend also a classmate of him. An energetic child who loves banana the most (resemble someone in Da Capo eh :p). She is a daughter of the owner inn that Kazuhiko working at as a part time employer. She had a hobby in astronomical, also a good player of Table Tennis (sometimes asking Kazuhiko to play with her).

Though she look childish, but some times act like a big sister to both Kazuhiko and, especially Nanano. Befriend with Arisa (another classmate of Kazuhiko) but, instead of a good friend, you could say the both of them as a “rival” xD

Nanano Suou

Foster sister of Kazuhiko. In old times, she is a crybaby who spoiled and always cling to Kazuhiko’s Grandmother. But  after his grandmother died, Nanano promised to herself that she won’t cry anymore, and changed to be an energetic child who always smile and support her brother.

She’s good at cooking, and some housework, though sometimes a bit clumsy. She had a turtle pet called Kamejiro, who like to stuck in her head xD, and don’t know why, but only Nanano can understand what that turtle said. Melonpan (Melon bread, Shana’s most favorite food xD) is her favorite food

Amamiya Kurara

Amamiya is the transfer student in Kazuhiko’s class. She is the girl that Kazuhiko’s meet when she troubled for looking a shop, and meet again in the place where the Hoshiuta was called. It happen that she and Kazuhiko already meet in the past, when bot of them still a child.

A very sweet-nature girl who treat all the people equally, regardless that she’s a daughter of a famous Japanese conglomerate family. Her hobby is reading and her speciality is painting, and like Curry bread. She have a maid who always taking care of her named Kouma

Kinoshita Midori

A senpai (senior) of Kazuhiko in his school. An easy going character who close friend with Nanano and Yui (and Kazuhiko too of course xD). She got an accident a few year ago and affected to her left leg. Even though she can’t walk properly, but she’s a great swimmer. She always looked with her wheelchair named Hayate (she give it a name xD). She also have a strong grip that can crush an apple in no time xD

Yamabuki Renge

Mysterious girl who lives in a Western-style villa near a beach. She sometimes appear in the town, trying to do something tricky or a little prank to the people in the town. She didn’t attend any school because of her health problem and living together with a maid.

Houjou Arisa

Another classmate of Kazuhiko along with Yui and Amamiya. Her father is a president of a major trading firm that conducted the operation of a hotel in the neighbors town. Though sometimes look arrogant, but she’s a friendly character, especially toward Kazuhiko, well … didn’t know if she just want to tease Yui or she really have a crush on Kazuhiko (just play the game and you’ll know :p), just like the mentioned before, that she’s (or so that Yui’s presumption) Yui’s rival xD

It seem, in this sequel, she is a heroine too

Hirose Koume

A maid who serve Amamiya Kurara. In front of Kurara, she will act polite, but not when Kurara isn’t there, her tone turn violent, especially in front of Kazuhiko xD she always taking care of Kurara, and always protecting her.

dunno if she’s one of the heroine in this sequel, but when you look some of the CG in their official site, i think she too, one of the heroine (personal thought … i hope it happen too :p)

Morishita Seiko

Homeroom teacher in Kazuhiko’s class, who teach Japanese History. A popular teacher, but scary when she angry xD (resemble of someone in Shuffle :p)

She’s the one who give some explanation about the legend Hoshiuta in the previous game (if i’m not mistaken), well … hope she’s one of the heroine too xD

preview_cg_03 (from official site)

Hoshiuta ~ Starlight Serenade ~ will be release at December 25, 2009 … the unique thing is, the previous Hoshiuta is also released at December, which the date was 26, not 25 xD

New Season, New Uniform xD, well … just look at their new Uniform in this sequel d^^b very very nice xD, compare to their last season uniform


… i much better like this one 😀


the promotional movie is already downloadable in their Official Site

ah … don’t forget to look at this Renge-chan’s new appearance xD

source from getchu:O more cuter than before >_<

[status game = most waited in my list] xD


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