[Galge News] Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo Royal Bouquet

Royal to celebrate the maiden flowers and bouquets

a bit late :p

their official site already announced this a month ago (was officially published at October 2, 2009)

well … as you can see … Ensemble’s New game from their last brand Hana to Otome. Instead of new game, or new sequel … this game isn’t more than just a Fandisk xD

00top_3official release date of the game is set to January 29, 2010 (next year), and already announced at their official site.

Because this is a fandisk of the previous game, there’s no significant changes in story plot and theme 😀

and don’t be fooled by the girl in the pic above (if you know and already played the previous game before). Although she looks like a cute girl, but she is originally a BOY. Attending his twin sister’s school and dressed like her to replace her because of ill that made her cannot go to school xD

Trap game … yes … just like Otoboku

03pict03i don’t mind to be your slave onee-sama

(wow … Houjou Seika is more cool than before xD)

onee-sama refer to elder sister


2 thoughts on “[Galge News] Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo Royal Bouquet

  1. finished the original game a long time ago, I really like Shizuru’s route,even though my fav heroine is Seika-sama :p Miyako, the main heroine route is kind of stupid…really shame that she have Kazane voice ;_;

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