Rita – Mighty

coverNew album from Rita

the mighty Rita (that’s the title on the cover :D) … this album was released at November 11, 2009 (after her last album in January 21, 2009 titled magnetism). This is her 7th CD, and 90% of the contents are galge theme song (^^a). Some of the song composed by HIR and the album itself were released by TEAM entertainment

let’s take a look the tracklist

01. mighty!

02. Signal Heart

03. refrain nostalgia

04. Kokoro no Tobira

05. Yumeiro Animato

06. Le baiser de l’ange – Tenshi no Kuchiduke –

07. Suzu no Naru Basho

08. Honto ni Hoshii Mahou no Jumon

09. Kimi no Na

10. Kondo ha Honki ni Honki?

11. Korekara memories

12. Yume wo Miru Yume


14. Ano Sora wo Mezashite

rita_the_charaillustration by Hinayuki Usa

as I mentioned before, that 90% of it are galge theme song, so here it is

* Signal Heart (just like the title) are Purplesoft’s Signal Heart opening song, while refrain nostalgia are the ending song

* Kokoro no Tobira are PS2 Canvas 3 (FC01) theme song

* Le baiser de l’ange – Tenshi no Kuchiduke – are Alcot Citrus’s Shinigami no Kisu ha Wakareno Aji

* Suzu no Naru Basho from Clochette’s newest game, or should i say, Suzunone’s Fandisk titled Sweet Lover’s Concerto ending theme, while Honto ni Hoshii Mahou no Jumon are the opening theme of Suzunone Seven (not the fandisk :D)

* Kondo ha Honki ni Honki? from Aishikyu Boku Musume nante Yobanaide opening song while PAST COLORS SIGHED AGAIN are the ending. It’s Limelight game, and was published by Visual Art’s (if i’m not mistaken)

* Korekara memories are Kamipani (another Clochette game) opening theme

* Yume wo Miru Yume are ending theme from RusK’s game title Aster

* Ano Sora wo Mezashite are opening theme from Hecate’s game title Horizon no Jou ~Yogen no Sho~

the rest, mighty and Yumeiro Animato i think aren’t from galge or something (original song)

wait a minute … am i missing one song …

ah … yes ^^a … that song title Kimi no Na it’s an Opening theme from a galge title Iji Caring Noel Kimi no Go Hoshi nikki (sorry if i’m wrong, spelling the kanji ^^)

backwell … you could said that this is a cheerful album xD maybe because 80% of all the song basically an opening theme from galge.

Need another galge theme song Collection, or maybe a fans of Rita (xD). if the answer are both … this album is a must xD


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