[Galge News] Parasol

New game from Orbit-soft 😀 … you know Orbit right!? … ah my mistake … sorry, i’m talking about ROOT here, not CORE (BL/yaoi game developer) or SPICA (otome game developer), though the three of them are under Orbit Flag :p

ROOT, the developer who made that famous Touka Gettan xD is back now, together with Hobibox, to make new game with, of course CARNELIAN as their main artworker 😀

hmm … nice pantsu (lol xD)

release date already announced at their official site on February 19, 2010. CG sample, synopsis and character profile already available at their official site (even they added some Comic there :D). Well, just click the picture on the top 😀

[another waiting list game]

i want to make some preview, but … maybe later


3 thoughts on “[Galge News] Parasol

  1. Sup? My name Helena! (^o^)
    So, a few days ago I was fooling around chrome when I saw PARASOL h game. The characters are great, but I can’t find information about the game. Can you please answer me some questions?
    1) what is PARASOL about?
    2)Where can I find a lot of photos?any link?
    3)is there any name about the team Mageia, eigisu, gerausou, kerukion and torishiru are? Are they the “bad guys” or something?
    And the most important: where can I find photos with Mageia? I’m a huge fan girl of him!
    Thanks! I hope you can answer me! Bye! >~< ^~^

    • sorry for late reply
      the truth is me didnt finished the game, because of some circumstance (well, I lost all the save game on my old PC ;_;) so … I can’t give you much help about the game ….
      and you right its really hard to found any of link, pic or so, because the dev itself already dormant for a long time 😦 event I cant found the op theme release (I like the song but cant found any) 😦
      I’ll share you if I found any 😀

      • It’s okay, I already found 96 photos, but man it was so tiring! Anyway, in case you don’t know the songs title, it’s Octave rain. Can’t remember the singer sorry! If you want photos, gimme your mail so I can send you some (I gave you mine lol). And sorry for being late to reply goodnight! (^o^)

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