[Preview] Imouto Smile



(ano … oniichan desuyo ne … watashi … watashi, anata no imouto desu!)

Life alone in this world, the hero found himself suddenly have a large house as a legacy. Thinking about the big house and he’ll live alone, he then wander around the town, and happened to see some cute girls there.

If they’re my imouto (sister), and if i also have a family, i would like to spend my time happily in my house

while thinking about something like that, he return to his big house but again, found himself in a sudden situation, just when he open the door house, a girl that he saw at the town suddenly appear in his house, and she admitted that she’s his little sister.

thus, living with cute sister … the story began

feel a similar thing had happen in the past!? xD (i mean … the story theme)

in my opinion, after reading the synopsis, this game is “a replica of sister princess” lol xD though sister princess is 12 sisters and this is only half of it (6) 😀

dunno if they’re really blood related, but if that’s true … then this is a big Incest O_o … 6 heroine … (though that’s not my genre … lol xD)

well … let’s sneak peek the heroine (sisters)

Touno Haruna


ordinary sister xD … good at cooking and always making the bentou for her brother.

Namisawa Natsuki


tsundere sister xD … a honorable young lady type, not good at houseworking (especially cooking) but because of her high pride … she didn’t want to lose about that, and the result is – a charcoal food that the brother must eat – (lol xD … eat that!! xD)

Nishizawa Akiho

energetic sister … just like the hero, though she is a cheerful character, Akiho is living alone (sounds like “without parents” to me).

Kitasato Touka


silent (or maybe shy) sister … shy and discreet sister, she resemble a ‘yamato nadeshiko’. She love her brother, but because of her shy personality, she sometimes can’t express it well, and will squirm about that xD

Nonaka Shiki


tsun ota (tsundere otaku) imouto xD … well … as you can see, a tsundere otaku xD (other info are unknown … sorry 😦 )

Tsukino Koyomi


mysterious sister … born from distance relative and have a hobby of fortune teller

this is the newest game from Citoron after their last game Mikoko

release date is November 27, 2009


3 thoughts on “[Preview] Imouto Smile

    • ga ada yg bagus yg bisa di preview ;_;
      Dive2 recordare menunggu giliran sih, tapi setelah itu …. ga ada lagi yg bagus 😦

      sekedar menuh2in blog deh gpp xD

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