Nyankoi! Insert Song Single – Nekoneko Ondo

though a bit late, Nyankoi! Insert Song Single title Nekoneko Ondo, released at November 18, 2009 and performed by Sakakibara Yui, Imai Asami and Fukui Yukari (both Sakakibara Yui and Fukui Yukari are the seiyuu in Nyankoi! anime)

let’s check the content

01. Nekoneko Ondo Sakakibara Yui, Imai Asami, Fukui Yukari

02. Neko Yonjatta Sakakibara Yui

03. Kouninkyoudou Imai Asami

04. Nekoneko Ondo – off vocal –

05. Neko Yonjatta – off vocal –

06. Kouninkyoudou – off vocal –

6 songs with 3 off vocal (instrumental only).

this single … err … how should i put it … very funny yet cheerful (especially Nekoneko Ondo and Neko Yonjatta). maybe i can say that this is a “Neko theme songs” lol xD

well … if you’re a fans of Yui-nyan (yay … hail Yui-nyan xD), or maybe if you like and watch Nyankoi! (a fans too xD), this single is a worth to collect (i think :p)

and the last thing … (my) thanks to LonE for the single 😀

NYAA!!! xD


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