Sakakibara Yui – Evergreen

Sakakibara Yui again (and today with Element Garden xD) came with her new album, EVERGREEN, was released at November 26, 2009 by b-green.

as usual, this album contains PC galge theme song, includes Sakura Tale opening, Asanagi no Aquanauts opening, and Happiness! ReLuck opening, along with some PSP and PS2 game theme song and 2 TV anime theme song of H2O ~ Footprint in the Sand ~


01. Jounetsu no partita

02. Gessei no Kanon

03. Aqua Voice

04. Sakura Philosophy

05. Pink x Otome = Koi

06. Happy Day

07. Switch On

08. Tsurugi no Mai

09. Hoshi no Revolution

10. Netsujou STORY

11. Melody Time

12. Kitto Yume to Yuki de Dekiteiru

13. Katayoku no Icarus

well … a fans of Yui-nyan must have this xD

after this, i just have to wait patiently for her Christmas Present (xD) next single release “Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪” (next month released) 😀

ah, btw … there were 2 released of this evergreen album, one with DVD bonus of Katayoku no Icaros (H2O anime opening theme) PV (seems like a limited edition) and the other without it.

The difference is visible from the front cover, the cover contain the DVD looks like cover above, and the one without it looks like pic on the left, though the contents of the CD still the same 😀


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