[Preview] Shirokuma Bell Stars

Driving for Fairy Tale

In old times and story about Christmas, Santa always came with the Reindeer, flying in the sky and sending happiness to everyone. Now, there were few people who were called reindeer as a partner of Santa (well … reindeer here seems like isn’t a deer, but a human).

At an eve, a boy meet a Santa and running (or maybe flying ^^) together in the starry sky. That boy, Nakai Touma, had accomplishes to be an independent reindeer and got the job be paired with a beginner Santa girl named Hoshina Nanami (according to traditional rule, santa with reindeer), though some problem will apparently come. Without forgetting the expectation and a little uneasiness, both of them will face some mysterious thing in town that was told to them, the Sleeping Tree Town – Shirokuma –

Driving for fairy tale.

That is, the story over happiness.

A “Santa” and “her Reindeer” xD

well … that’s a bit about the game synopsis (as usual, correct me if i’m wrong :D) and, as you can see (in pic above) the reindeer we’re talking about here isn’t a deer or something like that, but a human (moreover he using a flying motorcycle xD).

Character Heroine (well … some character synopsis)

Hoshina Nanami

a lineage of a distinguished Santa family, she became the successor of her family. Brightly, energetically and positive character but a bit clumsy. Though it is rumored that she had some splendid talents in secret, derived from her grandmother who also a great female Santa. She loves Chocolates and the one that she hate the most is scales xD

Tsukimori Ririka

Had the original blood from Original Santa, the young ace of New York headquarters. She came to Japan as a Branch. Had a high pride, and calling herself a genius girl, though in reality is not like that (^^a) but she is a hardworking type girl (and a bit hot tempered). Master of Fast Food ^^a

Hiinoki Suzuri

A Dignified, neat, and something that you can call “a Yamato Nadeshiko” type (a Honorable Ojousama). A daughter of a famous toy maker in Japan, though she looks gentle, but she is a quiet person, a scarce and poor talker. She loves every delicious dish.

Waniguchi Kirara

A substitution of “Tree House” landlord. Elder sister type of character who had an obligation to take care the Santa that live in Tree House. She is originally born and raised at Shirokuma Town. Speciality in Houseworking, and sometimes repairing the Tree House bulilding (that originally worn out). Grape Bread with margarine is her favorite food.

Schedule to be released at December 11, 2009 by Pulltop/Will

Winter (Christmas) theme galge 😀 well … it’s December now and Christmas is near xD though it’s somehow cliche (Christmas theme is always about Female Santa ^^a) but i think … isn’t that bad (is once in a year xD)

[added to list xP]


2 thoughts on “[Preview] Shirokuma Bell Stars

    • ha ha ha 😀

      DO NOT WANT that kind of santa :<

      xD well … i mean "is there anything other than Santa!?" or something like that :3
      though it's impossible for Christmas (theme of game) without Santa 😀

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