[Galge News] Blossom’s 4th Project Announcement

『Flyable Heart 応援中!』

A Glimpse …

finally, they announced their 4th project under Blossom brand, a new game from Unisonshift Blossom with, of course, main artworker still … Noizi Itou sensei xD

for now they announced the title as Flyable Heart: If That Time

site announcement at December 14, and they’ll open the information about the game at 2010 (we just have to wait of course ;_;) and seems like, this is the sequel of their 3rd game Flyable Hearts xD (if that’s true, then i would be very happy to hear that thing … of course … it’s about Amane-chan xD)

everything will be revealed at 2010, so all i need to do is wait

now i got this and akatsuki no goei to be my most waited game in the list >:)

but i think … they’ll give some or other information about this game at COMIC MARKET 77 (Comike 77) 😀


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