[Preview] Hapitora – Gaiden Aina no Shinkon Nikki

This game is a spin off (or so that i though xD) from Bloomhandle’s newest game Hapitora

A little synopsis (from Hapitora) ^_^

Tio Ink is a boy who became manager and continued his family’s business that almost falling named Shirufido (Sylphide) Shop, a shop that rent a transportation using Esushirufido (a person who can manipulate wind and flying using a rod or a big boat if the level is High enough). Though Tio know that it’s almost impossible to manage that shop with only one employee, Aina Blanche, but he didn’t want to give up yet, and somehow manage to made the shop still alive with some new recruitment, with of course, Aina’s help too.

Aina is the first Esushirufido in the island (i forgot the name, sorry :p). For Tio, she’s like an elder sister also a mother (in exchange for his parent that passed away), although sometimes she is spoiled with Tio ^_^ but you can’t judge her by it’s appearance. She was a Cabin Cruiser Class (the Highest level), though because of aging, her skill decreased to be a Tiger Class (1 level below Cabin Cruiser) now.

She loves Tio just like a little brother of her, but in this Story of course is more than just “a little brother and an elder sister” xD she’s almost 30 now, but because she have an obligation as an alternative parent for Tio, she didn’t think of something like marriage :3 but … being with Tio all the time … who know what might happen between those two xD

and … the diary of Aina’s love story had just began ^_^

though the release date is January 22, 2010, but this will a be pre-sales item at Comike 77 :O ;_;

well … i’ve played Hapitora a month ago, and maybe i honestly wanna said “i want an Ania nee-chan a flag or something ;_;” and now, we”ll get this next year ^_^

seriously, aside of her age at 30 (pardon me … almost 30) she’s somehow still looks cute xD


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