[Manga Review] Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

English Review

Title: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (黄昏乙女×アムネジア)

Genre: Ecchi, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural

Rating: Approximately 15+ (Teen)

Original Author by Maybe

Original Artwork by Maybe

Original Publisher by SquareEnix

Serialized In (magazine): GanGan JOKER, GanGan Wing

Published and Licensed in Indonesia: Not Yet

Info at: Manga Updates


Seikyu Private School, is a large facility with many buildings that contained of both junior high school and senior high school and has been aged more than 60 years. Renovation and expansion here and there makes the old building (old school) covered by the recent building, the old school had been sealed, and abandoned. The old buildings that were abandoned and unused, making the rumors about spirits and supernatural events that occurred there be a common thing.

But of all these rumors, there was a rumor that became a taboo for all the students in that school. It is said that, there was a girl that happened to be a ghost, who is believed by the students, will attract anyone that come and see the big mirror in the old school, so the people that drawn into the mirror will be locked and wandering inside for all eternity.

Despite of being told about these rumor, whether it is called a bad luck or just a coincidence, the first year student Niiya Teiichi, got lost in the old school building. While he is trying to look for a way out, he accidentally found a warehouse where a large mirror which was rumored to be. When he investigate the mirror, suddenly he was startled by the figure of a girl who appeared behind him. The girl who looks like a Senpai (Senior), then offered to help him find a way out. While he walking following her to the exit, still half surprised and shocked by that girl’s existence, Teiichi finally realized what was mentioned by rumors that he heard before, that the girl, who currently in front of him now, is …

The Old School Ghost

ok ... i'll help both of you :p

Surprisingly, the girls themselves actually admit it. Though he still not believe what he saw (plus he also can touch her) in the end he forced himself to believe it. The girl was later introduced himself as Kanoe Yuuko and so often met with Teiichi at school (and even eat a bentou together xD) although the one who could see her is (only) Teiichi.

Teiichi later learned another rumor from Yuuko, that saying about the school was built on a forbidden ground, a ground that were cursed and greatly feared by people, but to avoid the curse, later … a school girl student was chosen to be a human sacrifice and locked up somewhere inside the old building. However, when Teiichi asked if the girl is Yuuko, denied it with a reason that she could not remember the incident when she died. Teiichi who is unwittingly saw a glimpse of Yuuko’s past, then realized the location where she was trapped, and managed to find a big fact in his school.

Is it true that there are rumors about the school was being cursed!? Is there really a human sacrifice!? What happened to Yuuko in the past and what the cause of her death!?

also, what happen to Teiichi’s life which is now “being posessed” by Yuuko!? xD


Niiya Teiichi

First-year students of Seikyu Senior High School, he doesn’t look like the one who is afraid of supernatural and every “unseen” things (include ghost), although his appearance did not look like that (a bit short … Shota eh!?) Not much can be mentioned about this character, considering the newest of the English Scanlation manga still at chapter 2 😀 but he is the type of person who would seriously help if needed, he also decided to help finding out Yuuko’s past and the cause of her death, though Yuuko sometimes looks “didn’t care” about that and more happy to be near and harass Teiichi, which can sometimes create an awkward feeling for Teiichi (he sometimes annoyed but can not be angry to her xD)

Kanoe Yuuko

this ghost girl, didn’t look like what the rumor told about her. Far from the impression of horror, she actually prefers to do things a little curious, specially those associated with Teiichi. Her past is still a mystery, and she confessed that she did not remember anything about the cause of her death. Although Teiichi openly trying to find out why, she seems like less interest about that. Later she had made Paranormal Investigation Club for the purpose of exploring and investigating the supernatural and the rumors that had happened at school, while looking for clues about her death, although the only member is Teiichi and herself. Occasionally, she could be a cool character, like to tease Teiichi, and sometimes jealous when she saw Teiichi become familiar with Okonogi.

Last Word

well … This manga actually had a simple story line, about how Teiichi want to find out the cause of Yuuko’s death, and trying to dig up Yuuko’s past memories associated with the past of Seikyu Gakuen. The Artwork itself isn’t bad, and can describe the theme of the horror in this manga well enough.

though this manga is about supernatural and horror, but I guaranteed that this manga isn’t as scary as the theme and the artwork xD

Although the theme of Ghost Girl meet a Boy was a common theme, but I think, this manga is quite entertaining xD especially seeing Yuuko and Teiichi’s behavior (and if you think of it, the Yuuko’s behavior here is somehow similar with Yuko in Clamp series …. guess it!? :p)


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