Various Artists – Da Capo II Fall in Love – Vocal Mini Album

new Mini Album from various artist for the newest Circus’s DC series, Da Capo II Fall in Love. All the artists here includes CooRie, Hashimoto Miyuki, yozuca, Misato Aki, and 3 seiyuus for the game Character, Hinaki Ai (as Asakura Otome), Kimoni Hijiri (as Asakura Yume), and Tachibana Aya (as Tsukishima Koko). these mini album also featuring Christmas version of DC II Asaki Yumemishi Kimi to and performed by yozuca.

Release at January 27, 2010 by lantis

the track list

01. Graduation from yesterday – yozuca

02. Koi no Roller Coaster – Hashimoto Miyuki

03. Issho ni DO MY BEST!! – Hinaki Ai, Kimoni Hijiri, Tachibana Aya

04. Love Motion – Misato Aki

05. Sakurakaze – CooRie

06. Da Capo II -Asaki Yumemishi Kimi to- Xmas Ver. – yozuca

thanks to LonE for this mini album xD


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