trapped in the rain … i hate that!!

Today is Monday, isn’t it?!

I was out for some new Manga (new licensed) hunting at the (local) bookstore. It was a perfect weather, my mood is also in a good condition, using my bike, i go to an ATM machine first, for checking my fund balances (though the status at a critical level xD)

Today is monday … so, the traffic isn’t in a condition of “busy” (well … it was 10 am, it’s a work hours until breaking time at 12.00). while on the road … I saw something that’s makes you feel “aw … why should now” … but I think, it was a little cloudy (a little corner to the north) thing compare to the big scene of blue sky, so it wouldn’t be happen fast (I think … I still have a time for browsing at the bookstore).

That was I thought (and I really regret it for thinking so naive like that -_-). Arrive at the store, the “cloudy thing” that I was saw still a little thing in the sky, now have grown bigger than before (what the hell …). Knowing it would be a bad thing if I stay a bit longer, I decided to finish that in an instant (because I forgot to brought my raincoat), not much that I’ve got (but success to bought Zero no Tsukaima Vol 1 xD) … Yes … that’s a good one …

Paying at the counter (queued in the list no 5 xD). Taking a while in the counter, I began to worried about the weather … and to added that I feel really hungry now … finish with that … I take my bike in a hurry (I think it was 11 am … and the traffic looks a bit busy because of lunch break time) … finding some cafeteria (or a restaurant) would be my top priority (instead of straight to home, I won’t make it) … yes … that’s what i thought but … poorly … I really didn’t make it in time … ;_;

trapped in the middle of the rain (though I found some shelter) … didn’t brought a raincoat … plus a hungry stomach … ;_;

my mood meter dropped to below zero point :< where the blue sky that I saw before ;_; … what’s with this condition … (am I really didn’t allowed to go out from my room!?)

maybe you will laugh when u saw my sulky face (even I want to laugh right now xD)  2 hours and 30 minutes for waiting the rain to at least calm a bit (though it still won’t stop till i’m home xD)


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