[Galge News] Windmill’s New Projects

first is their new game title Iro ni Syutsu de ni keri Waga Koi wa (sorry if i’m wrong spelling it ^^) Planning on release at April 29, 2010 (preview about the game I will posted later ^_^)

and the other one is … (well … a bit late maybe ^^a)  another of their game (after Happiness) that had been released before, La Campanella della Benedizione will be animated (TV anime adaptation) and AIC will take the production

official website for the anime adaption already open at the pic bellow, also the cast of the seiyuus xD and of course, some of famous seiyuu such as Kadowaki Mai (as Minette), Goto Mai (as Ritosu) and Mizuhashi Kaori (as Agnes) will be participated (and already on the cast list at their anime official site bellow)

on planning vintage at July, 2010

ah … before I forgot, they (Windmill) also announced about La Campanella Della Benedizione Fan Disc (confirmed and planning on 2010, but the info still vague :D) well … just take a peek at their official site here


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