Sakakibara Yui – You (Love) I

1st. I want to thank you for all of you who come (and notice this blog :p), give a comment, and for all of your support in this blog that have reach 5000 hits (I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart xD),

2nd. I’m a bit sorry for some late update, because of my PC problem lately I barely able to update this blog ;_; and now my PC is back, this blog will alive again :p

back to topic (leave aside that 2nd thing), we got new album again from Sakakibara Yui, You Love I – Sweet Tuned by 5pb.-, release by 5pb at February 3, 2010 (wow … it’s already that late … sorry ;_;). This album contains of all her song from previous single (also some hits from previous album), some of her old song such as Magical Generation (you know … this is the ending of TV Anime Happiness! and released at 2006 :O), also Kanokon ending theme Koi no Honoo, Hapitora opening theme Deja Vu, some console game (PSP and PS2) soundtrack, including RISE (Prism ark PS2 ending theme), Happiness Houteishiki (Happiness De:Luxe opening theme) and 2 Kanokon Esui (PS2 game of Kanokon) theme song :3

here’s the tracklist :3

01. LOOP

02. Toki no Nai Sekai

03. Happiness Houteishiki

04. Soshite Boku ha…

05. Silky Rain

06. Nanairo MERRY→GO→ROUND

07. Magical Generation

08. Distance

09. RISE

10.Deja vu

11.Koi no Honoo

12.Natsu no Inori

13.Eien no Koi

14.Eternal Snow

15.You Love I -we will be together-

only three songs; LOOP, Nanairo MERRY→GO→ROUND, and You Love I -we will be together- that isn’t in any of OST series (even there is a mark of love on that three songs in the album back cover) well … maybe the 3 is the new song in this album :p

anyway, if you’re a fans of Yui-nyan, you must get this, though some of the song are old 😀 … and I thanks to LonE for the album :3


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