[Galge News] Kudo Wafuta (Kud Wafter)

so … where’s ReWrite? O_o

Key’s new project, as you can see … it’s Kudriyavka Noumi from Little Busters! (and Little Busters! Ecstasy), seems like this is her only story, I mean, a fandisk or something like that, about Kudo (well … I’m a fans of her so I’m looking forward to this xD)

only Kudo!? … well … from what I saw in their Official Site, I think the main Heroine only Kudo (with Riki as the male protagonist)

Artwork still Na Ga 😀

they also held a talk show about KudoWafu (and the scheduled sale) in Akiba Square (Akibahara) at April 3, 2010, even the winner participant will get some limited souvenir (I really want to Akibahara right now ;_;) detail about the event in Key official site or here

looking forward to this (of course) though the release date still TBA (waiting for the release date from that event) 😀

UPDATE: they announced the release date 😀 at game official site, and it would be on June 25, 2010, also … they adding other chara information, besides of Kudo and Riki, another loli and an adult woman (maybe sub characters :D) also … :O … they’ll give ReWriteTrial Version!! along with this game packaged!!? O_o



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