[Manga Review] Kage Kara Mamoru!

English review

got from animepaperTitle: Kage Kara Mamoru! (陰からマモル!) / Alternate Title (in Indonesia): The Bodyguard!
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Seinen
Rating: 15+ (Teen)
Original Story by Taro Achi
Original Artwork by Madarasai
Original Publisher by Media Factory
Serialized In (magazine): Comic Alive (Media Factory)
Published and Licensed in Indonesia By Elex Media Komputindo
Info at: Manga Updates


Based on the Novel written by Taro Achi with the same name, a long time ago, there was an Aristocrat who really loves konnyaku (Literally mean Jelly :D), and he want that tasty konnyaku to keep alive every year, so that noble then make a decision and called a Ninja to silently protect the descendant of the konnyaku makers. The Ninja itself then do his duty quietly to protect the family without they know as neighbors until now.

400 years have passed, but vows to continue protecting the Konnyaku family secretly still remained in Kagemori family til now, and followed by their son, Kagemori Mamoru. Mamoru still thinking that the vow a bit troublesome for him, especially, he had to protect the daughter of the Konnyaku family, who also his childhood friend, Yuuna Konnyaku. Well, protecting her wasn’t that easy for Mamoru, because this girl called Yuuna Konnyaku is a slow, naive, clumsy girl and she never realized that she always brings problems to the people around her – plus … the fact that Yuuna also being pursued by a mafia gang to kidnap her because she caught them accidentally when they doing a drug transaction – though Yuuna, of course with her slow brain, certainly did not realize it. The situation got worse with the challenge by Tsubaki Mapputatsu, because of her weakness accidentally known by Mamoru.

Can Mamoru protect Yuuna?


Mamoru Kagemori

A son of Kagemori family who had the duty by his parent to protect Yuuna, the daughter of Konnyaku family. He has a good skill by being a ninja, but he always try to cover it with his old style otaku gamer appearance 😀 Even he think that the vow to protect Konnyaku family a bit troublesome, but he still doing that and protecting Yuuna, from some bad guys and from Yuuna’s own stupidity to keep her away of trouble.

Yuuna Konnyaku

Slow, naive, and clumsy girl who always stuck with trouble whenever she go. She is the daughter of Konnyaku family that always being protected by Mamoru without noticed. A childhood friend of Mamoru and always go to school together, she loves banana so much (even she make a song of it xD) and almost kidnapped every time, but never realized that (what a slow girl).

Airi Sawagashi

She claimed to be the best friend of Yuuna, meet Yuuna and Mamoru in Junior High. She is the richest daughter in Koganei city. She always have a quarrel with Mamoru and call him Aho-ru (literally Aho Mamoru or Stupid Mamoru xD), though in several occasion, she give some sign that she also like Mamoru (or so I think :p)

btw … Sawagashi also mean noisy xD

Tsubaki Mapputatsu

A Samurai Women with her legendary sword “Zanseramitsuku-Ken” that can slice everything but Nata de Coco xD. At first, maybe because of her pureness xD, she was hired by a gang of mafia to kill Yuuna who order her ninja to makes their men (they said to her as innocent civilian) being beaten heavily. Though the misunderstanding already cleared, but because Mamoru know her wakness, she then transferred to Mamoru school and try to challenged Mamoru. Sometimes, she always imagine of being an ordinary student girl 😀

Yamame Hattori

A girl from Mamoru’s mother village, also a relatives of him. At first, she think Mamoru as a pervert (with big glasses) and had a big disappointed when she saw the current Mamoru is different with her Mamoru in the past. But after some incident (with nekomimi that makes me nosebleed xD) and Mamoru came to save her, she then accept Mamoru and knowing that his appearance now was for a camouflage. Even she transferred too :D.

Last Word

well … the story is so-so I think, but it’s funny xD, especially Yuuna’s behavior that always brings trouble xD, not mentioned about the other character such as Tsubaki, Airi and Yamame

Good enough to relieve the stress 😀

I will update this review (especially the character) when a new character appear (because the license in Indonesia still at Volume 2)


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