Kawada Mami – LINKAGE

Kawada Mami‘s new album, also her third after Seed (2006) and Savia (2008), title LINKAGE. Produced by I’ve Sound (Tomoyuki Nakazawa from Fuctory Record/I’ve as Producer) and released by Geneon Universal at March 24, 2010. This album includes 2 theme songs from TV anime series of Toaru  Majutsu no Index and 2 theme songs from Shakugan no Shana S (OVA series of Shakugan no Shana). linkage PV on the DVD

13 songs in this album are

01. succession


03. PSI-missing

04. TOY

05. Kotoba, Kokoro no Koe

06. Prophecy

07. in answer

08. masterpiece

09. Awareness


11.Mirai no Tsubu -I’m formed-

12.All in good time


the first one only an instrumental (just like a prologue, not only in this album I think, even other singer usually add something like this in their album/mini album) and the last one is English Song 😀 and guess what … that’s The Cranberries (Irish Rock Band in the decade of 90s) song, “Dreams” xD (no wonder that song sounds familiar in my ears xD)

Good Album … you must have it xD

if you ask about my fav, I’ll choose Prophecy, Awareness and of course DREAMS xD (listening dreams somehow makes me remember my old times ;_;)

oh … almost forgot that, the album also give a schedule list of LINKAGE Japan live tour :O HERE

anyway … I really thanks to LonE for the album 🙂 though the cover a bit dangerous (in others point of view … not mine of course :D)


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