[Galge News] Tasogare no Shinsemia

:O … finally, Applique new game … though I can’t get the access to their site (just like Syangrila ;_;), I found this while browsing at getchu 🙂 (but you won’t find it on the index yet)

Tasogare no Shinsemia (hope, I’m not wrong spelling it, especially the kanji). The planning date to release this game (it said in getchu) will be at July 22, 2010. Original artworker, still Odawara Hakone, the one who make Miageta Sora ni Ochite iku and Concerto Note (applique-soft previous game). But, the artwork, really improve very well (or should I said, TOO WELL O_o) compare to her previous work (Miageta Sora and Concerto Note), at first, I thought it was a different person, not her (until I saw her name in the list) xD

very very nice artwork xD


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