Shizuka Ito – Devotion

Shizuka Ito‘s new mini album :3 Devotion, release at April 21, 2010 by Mellow Head (it’s already been that late xD). contains of 6 songs and 1 DVD Music Clip (3 Clips)

Audio CD Tracklist

01. Yasashii Ryoute

02. Last Order

03. Ii desho

04. Refrain

05. Happy Ending

06. Aikotoba

well … it’s because of my friend who recommended me this mini album :3 and thanks to her … (when I heard some of them) I began to like it xD, especially Happy Ending and Aikotoba xD but, I still prefer Shizuka Ito as a Seiyuu, instead of a singer (though I enjoy her song, sometimes xD)


2 thoughts on “Shizuka Ito – Devotion

  1. It’s rare that we have the same taste in music o_o
    my fav track is also Happy Ending, somehow her voice didn’t sound right in my ear when she’s singing soft, mellow songs like Last Order^^;

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