Various Artists – Sakura no Mau Koro ni -Sotsugyou Album Dai Ichi Gakushou-

New Album from various artists, title Sakura no Mau Koro ni -Sotsugyou Album Dai Ichi Gakushou-, was released at February 19, 2010, by Chambers Records. At first, I thought this is some OST or Theme song album from a game (or anime or something like that) but, it’s not xD, well … this album theme is Graduation, after the previous Summer themes (Natsu Uta series) and Winter themes (Yuki Furu Uta series) of album that was released by Chambers few years ago (last year was Yuki Furu Uta 3 ~Fuyu no Uta Eien no Shi~ … hope i’m not wrong spelling it xD)

artists that they put together in this album are: Rita, Oomori Mariko, Yuduki, yuiko, yukana, Marie, Nakahata Takeharu, Chata, Uchiyae Yuka, Mint, Katakiri Rekka, Gojou Mayumi, and most of them are wellknown for performing Galge theme song (such as Rita, Marie, yuiko, yukana, or even chata :D)

contains of 12 songs, The Tracklist are:

01. Brand-New Spring — Rita

02. Akaneiro no Kimi he — Oomori Mariko

03. Ashita ni Mukatte — Yuduki

04. a-tempo — yuiko

05. Sotsugyou — yukana

06. Sakura Illumination — Marie

07. 2nd Introduction — Nakahata Takeru

08. Sayonara Arigatou — Chata

09. Bokura no Ashita — Uchiyae Yuka

10.Let’s go on everyday -Kono Basho kara- — Mint

11.Watashi no “Sayonara” — Katakiri Rekka

12.Boku ga Otona ni Naru Hi — Gojou Mayumi

it’s already that late :O (Feb and now May, maybe because, i’ve been busy with anime that I barely dl it ^^)

well … a recommended album (from me personally xD), especially for you who (success) in Graduation Exam and graduated from High School (congratulation lads :D)


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