I’m (Still) Alive ^^;

chara by Naoto Tenhiro

yes … I’m still alive \^ 0 ^/

ahaha … well … first, I want to apologize for “the hiatus times” that I barely came here and didn’t update this blog due to my “college thesis time” ;__; (I’m really sorry)

second … I really … really really thank you to all of you (from the bottom of my heart), while I’m not here, this blog got 10000 hits \^o^/ hontouni … arigatou gozaimasu minna-san m(_ _) m because, all of you are willing to take your precious time just to click and visit this blog m(_ _)m (really2 thanks for all of your support :D)

ah … before I forgot … there’s an announcement that Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Mahoyo) will be delayed to Winter (the date still unsure), well … TypeMoon already post that on Mahoyo official site (thought before they update mahoyo site, I already know the delay from my friend :D, but to making sure, I wait until they update the site :D)


2 thoughts on “I’m (Still) Alive ^^;

  1. this review only available in Bahasa Indonesia (I’m very sorry for that) <–

    which one was the indonesian, dude. you're using english all over the place.

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