Yukari Tamura – Citron no Ame


and now for Yukarin >_<

her new album (also her 8th Album so far) Citron no Ame, released at September 8, 2010 (it’s a week ago 😀 There are total of 15 songs (on the CD), and 4 music video with a making video “paris de yukarin” (on the DVD). This album also includes 2 song feat motsu from m.o.v.e, and an Opening Theme from B Gata H Kei anime series, Oshiete A to Z

Here’s the tracklist ^^

  1. Heavenly Stars
  2. Gratitude
  3. Kamisama rescue me!!
  4. Love Love Babe Happy Star
  5. You & Me (feat motsu)
  6. Love Sick (feat motsu)
  7. Tiny Rainbow
  8. Suna Ochiru Mizu no Kyuuden
  9. Shinseiro
  10. Raison d’etre no Kagi
  11. My Wish My Love
  12. Oshiete A to Z
  13. Koi ni Ochita Painter
  14. Goody & Happy
  15. LOVE ME NOW!

well … the album … should I say, cute as always, all the songs in this album are (I prefer to refer it) really cute, cheerful and … err … lively (maybe xD) … especially the Goody & Happy (I love that song, really cheerful) xD

not mention that Yukarin voice is also cute as always (>_<)/


well … a cute album for those who love Yukarin xD

(my thanks to iSiscon for the album ^^)


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