I’ve Girl’s Compilation 7 – Extract

YES … this is the 7th compilation \^o^/

after the last compilation titled Collective in 2005 (it’s quite long xD) now I’ve back with Extract, their 7th album compilation so far xD with 90% of the contents are from game/galge theme songs. Released at September 24, 2010, with contains of 25 songs (divided in 2 CDs), this is the first compilation which has the most quantity of songs that I’ve released so far, with KOTOKO contribute almost 50% of all songs in this album, and then Mami Kawada (6 songs), MELL (2 songs), Kirishima Airi (2 songs), Utatsuki Kaori (1 song), MOMO (1 song), and Eiko Shimamiya with Mami Kawada under the name of Healing Leaf (1 song)

the contents

CD 1

  1. La clef ~ Meikyuu no Kagi ~ (KOTOKO)
  2. Ketsudan no Entrance (KOTOKO)
  3. a piacere (KOTOKO)
  4. platinum (Kawada Mami)
  5. oblivion (KOTOKO)
  6. dilemma (Kawada Mami)
  7. melty snow (Kawada Mami)
  8. Kizuna ~ endless day ~ (Kirishima Airi)
  9. jihad (KOTOKO)
  11. Leaf ticket (KOTOKO)
  12. bumpy-Jumpy! (KOTOKO)


  1. Restoration ~ Chinmoku no Sora ~ (KOTOKO)
  2. Vacillate (Kawada Mami)
  3. Onaji Sora no Shita de (KOTOKO)
  4. Slow Step (Healing Leaf)
  5. Gensou no Houseki (KOTOKO)
  6. For our days (Kawada Mami)
  8. Cherish (MOMO)
  9. Undying Love (KOTOKO)
  10. Bizzarerie Cage (MELL)
  11. Shiroi Rinbukyoku (Utatsuki Kaori)
  12. two HeaRt (Kirishima Airi)
  13. EXTRACT ~ The truth in me ~ (Kawada Mami)

The last song is the original song (and as usual), that’s the Album Original Song (just like the previous compilation, always had an album original song). after Out Flow (by MELL) and Collective (by KOTOKO) now is Kawada Mami’s turn to gave her performance in EXTRACT /^.^/

At first, I’m a bit disappointed when I found Eiko Shimamiya’s name isn’t here (I thought she didn’t gave her performance in this album), but then I found that she’s here with her pupil, Kawada Mami, (make a duo group) xD under the name of Healing Leaf. And about MOMO, I don’t know if she already back to I’ve, or just giving a performance as a guest singer (well … basically, she is from Por, then join I’ve, but in 2007 she “graduate” from I’ve xD)

YES!! ….


you won’t disappointed =D (am I ever disappointed with I’ve Compilation? …. NEVER!!! >:D …. I love bumpy jumpy!! and extract xD)

got the sample at I’ve Homepage (and the album from nipponsex =P I thank you)


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