ClariS – irony

A new single from new promising group (or a duo to be correct) xD

ClariS with their new debut single, irony. It’s basically an opening theme for “the currently on air” anime series, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai (my lil sis, can’t be this cute xD), and was released at October 20, 2010. This single contains of 3 song and 1 mix tv size

and here’s the tracklist

01. irony

02. Kokoro no Inryoku

03. Neo Moon

04. irony -TV Mix-

first debut for the two junior high-school girl, Clara and Alice (both in second grade ^^), ClariS name was originaly from their initials, at first it was Clarice, but then they shorted it to ClariS 😕 … well … just read their bio on ClariS site

good single =D … if you like the anime, i think you will like this single too xD

(thx to nipponsei for the single xD)


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