[Galge Preview] Flyable Candy Heart

(maybe I’m a bit late but …) let’s meet the Unisonshift Blossom 5th Project which also a spin off of Flyable Heart. Adding some -new but familiar- heroine and alternative story of each heroine (from the original game) plus … you’ll found cameo from 3 previous Blossom’s work (not just one but three :O I don’t know what Blossom is thinking while making this project) … well, about cameo itself isn’t odd, because at the previous game, Nadeshiko and Sumomo (from Blossom’s previous Project Nanatsuiro Drops) appears as cameo (it is said that Nadeshiko is Kei’s little sister xD)

There are 6 main story in this game and each story relate to each heroine, but the newest update from official site said that, 2 another story relate with 2 -new but familiar- heroine also added in the game …. who’re the new heroine?? lets flashback a lil bit about them (if you already playing the previous game, you will know them :p)

Inaba Yui

Yui is Syo (the protagonist) classmate who also a transfer student just like Syo, but Yui 1 week earlier than Syo. Despite of her appearance like that, She really a “mad eater” xD She (just like Syo) are love to eat (she can handle any food as long as it’s delicious), and her favorite is doughnut. A bright and cheerful girl who loves to be friend with everyone, but sometimes easy to panic xD (In the previous game, she be friend with Suzuno because only she and Syo that can see Suzuno).

Sumeragi Amane

Finance and ceremony management student council staff (I forgot their school name -_-a). Also a classmate of Syo, a serious type with high sense of responsibility. Amane is Souryu (who is the chairman of the school student council) little sister, and both of them are 180 degree different (about each characteristic, Amane is serious while Souryu are a playful person). She can play Piano, though because of that, her relationship with her brother turn odd.

Yukishiro Suzuno

A transient character (lol …. more like a ghost to me xDD). A classmate of Yui, Amane and Syo … ah also MAXX, but apparently, only Yui and Syo can see her. Met Syo at infirmary, she’s a dojikko (clumsy character) and shy character, she hardly talk (even she talk with small voice >.<), aside of Syo, she also be friend with Yui.

Minase Sakurako

A lovely girl with long hair, who are Mayuri’s best friend. In the past, she spent her time in hospital because of her weak health (before she take a surgery). She and Amane are in the same department at student council, and because of that, she often meet Syo along the way (while Syo sometimes help Amane with her work).

Shirasagi Mayuri

Vice Chairman student council also a senpai (senior) of Syo. Very popular in the school, just like an idol, maybe because of her characteristic who is calm and gentle but also elegant. A perfect student who also had good in both academic and sport. She is Sakurako’s best friend. Though she came from a -well known- family, but she receives everyone as friends without discrimination.

Kujyou Kururi

A genius who is specialized in mechanical and engineering, also a junior of Syo. The one who make MAXX (a roommate of Syo) and do the maintenance of him (or her ??) and the artificial body of Akira. She dislike boys, and always give a hostile feeling whenever she meet Syo. It appear that she befriend with Megumi and MAXX alwasy call her “mommy”.

Hayakawa Megumi

Another genius despite of her appearance like that, Gumi (her nickname) is really a master of Mathematics and programming (while Kururi is a master of mechanical and engineering), she also have a great talent at gathering information. Though Kururi and her have a good relationship, she is 180 degree different with Kururi, while Kururi is a serious one, she is a cheerful one ^^ and she always praise the chairman whenever he make a good or a bad decision xDD

Dendou Akira / MAXX

A humanoid who also a roommate and a classmate of Syo. She had a artificial human body name Akira Dendou and also a robotic body called MAXX. Made by the combination of Megumi (do the programming) and Kururi (do the physical body).  She acts as a student in the educational institution for the performance test and gathering experimental data for both Kururi and Megumi. A noisy chara who always complain of being unpleasant whenever she use Akira body.

planning to release at February 25, 2011 for all of Noizi Ito’s work …. this game is a must ^.^/ especially if you already played the previous game, then this game is also a good thing to play xD

I can’t wait for Amane >_<


9 thoughts on “[Galge Preview] Flyable Candy Heart

  1. you can’t wait for Amane. I can’t wait for Kururi and, although i don’t know how her story will unfold, Gumi. I wish the translated version could come out quickly.

  2. hey, where can i download flyable candy heart. all the links are dead.
    and anyone knows how to improve ATLAS translation? it sucks

    • sorry for this late reply
      well, most of all the dl I do with torrent (never dl from direct or something like that), but because it’s already an old game (especially a galge which is uncommon for dl), it’s hard to found now (even I’m not sure if the torrent is still alive) 😦
      and about atlas 😀 well, just bear with it, but if you ask someone in galge forum, maybe they had one or two solution about that 🙂 (well, me too … use atlas)

  3. @heartbroken I know how to solve your problem: run the FCH: Niko using administrator properties. That should solve it.

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