[Anime News] Working! 2nd Season

~ Pray for Japan ~

aside of the disaster of Japan ;_; … one of my fav series now got the second season ^o^/

just like the announcement on their official site Wagnaria (also on ANN and the PV at wagnaria site too), that, Working will be continue to second season. I already waiting for this to be true, at first I thought this would be one of their April fool (after checking it yesterday at wagnaria and found all the chara are different xDD) but today they announce that this isn’t a mop ^.^/

the PV already on their site, and it seem some new chara will appear in 2nd show 😕 I really looking forward to this xD


3 thoughts on “[Anime News] Working! 2nd Season

    • ahaha … sorry 4 this late reply … ^.^
      well, just wait until January next year for the game to be released xDD

      (i dunno if i can make the preview before it’s release)

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