Resuming Blogging >_<

yay >.<

Almost a year this blog in a dormant status xD, I know … half of it was my fault 😦 after graduated from University, got a job in real life, I almost never had a chance to give some update, even I didn’t have a time playing galge ;__; the other half was because I didn’t have reliable Internet Services ;__; (and of course, too much problem this and problem that in RL takes a lot of my time D:)

I’m using new but very slow provider D: (and still bear with it until I got a reliable one). Well, good point is … I’m back Online again xD

About this blog, I’m planning to do something new later (dunno, maybe I will turn this into or something xD … amen xD) but first, I will try to translate all of my review (with Indonesian language) into English and don’t worry, the purpose of this blog is still same as when I first made it xD — for Galge lover — plus, providing some info of Music, Manga and lil of Anime info.

ah … talk about anime … i wanna yelling … YES!! for Little Busters Anime xD

many Key fans delighted with this news but despair (almost RAGE:mode ON) in an instant when they know J.C.Staff will take the production


Other cast except Rikki already announced on their official site … though other info like vintage and production date still unsure, well … personally, I prefer PA Works or maybe Kyo Ani to take the production, but lets hope that this will turn into a great series under J.C Staff hands >.<


3 thoughts on “Resuming Blogging >_<

  1. wow long time no update.

    banzai for galge!

    btw i forgot do you read galge in JP or Eng?
    anyway looking forward to new posts~

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