[Galge News] New from Blossom

Let’s start with the 6th project of Unisonshift Blossom, after their latest series Flyable Candy Hearts. Planning to release at June 29-2012 with full title “Tokei Jikake no Rei Rain – Tasogare Toki no Kyoukaisen” (or A Clockwork Ley-Line – Borderline of Dusk), this will be Blossom first work …

WITHOUT NOIJI ITOU D: (this is blasphemy ;___;) … a very-very bad news for all her fans (including me ;___;), well I heard that Itou-sensei got a project in console game (though I forgot what kind of game is it, something like RPG game) but I never thought that Blossom made this new project without her ;_; I hope she didn’t quit from Blossom

Urabi and Pero will handle the role as designer for all the character in this game. Urabi maybe a new comer in Blossom, but Pero is Itou-sensei’s second hand in Blossom (from Nanatsuiro Drops to Flyable Candy Hearts) 😀 and about the scenario, some of the scriptwriter from Flyable Hearts still on this project (and the music too) and when I take a peek at their Voice Cast, I saw 2 great names in Galge industry; Kawashima Rino and Maki Izumi xD

Maybe I’ll make the preview later 😀 but for know, lets (all the Itou fans) pray that she won’t quit from blossom just because she got a project outside blossom ;__;


3 thoughts on “[Galge News] New from Blossom

  1. yeah i was shocked. very much

    but then i looked at the character designs and art on the main website and it wasn’t half bad. it was actually really nice drawings

    so i still have hope.

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