[Galge Preview] Dolphin Divers

Meet AXL new project “Dolphin Divers” 

the 8th project from AXL so far, after their previous Itoshi Kanojo no Mamorikata. Planning to release at June 29, 2012, AXL want to bring a new experience in their new maritime theme (or maybe because summer is near) “explore the ocean in galge world” xD

Story began in a small island with a school facility in marine research and exploration, player will meet Takeru Asami, an orphaned young boy who came to this island with a dream.  He lost both of his parents in an shipwreck accident, and the reason he came to this marine school is to learn something about it. Poorly, he isn’t accustomed with the sea at all and don’t know where to start (his dream), even he can’t swim well (this will look interesting :D) but of course he well meet every heroine in this island, along the way they began to establish the maritime affair training center with the help of some rich nation, thus his new life with other 4 heroine began 🙂 (sorry, my Jap isn’t that good, I only take some of the summary that I can read and leave everything that I cannot read xD … please bear with it)

First thing that never absent in every AXL game is red haired and blonde heroine xD, the second thing that made me relieved is that AXL didn’t follow other dev using different artist (AXL still with Senomoto Hisashi :D). About the heroine, AXL still using the pattern that contain of a tsundere, a dojikko, a blushful, and a fussy chara xD

Well … lets take a  peek 4 of them 😉

4 Heroine Character

Ogura Minamo

A straight peasant girl, that is easy to cry and laugh, but also simple and gentle, though a bit clumsy.  Skillful at swimming but poor with machine. Born from distinguished family, also the Chief Village grandchild, she proud of her long hair that resemble her mother, and her big goal is to recover the island into a better one.

Erna Cheer

Originally from prominent family, but got bankrupt due to their failure of space research and exploitation. Aiming on going to space exploitation related school, she came to this island and joining the training school and take the training that connected with space. Though smart and nobody can defeat her in term of technology, but she is an uncooperative person and didn’t interested in teamplay xD

Yashio Riho

A girl that is very skillful in mechanism (or should I say, she have a mechanism fetish xD). Soft tone and a bit blushful, she is very detail in serial number and diving suit, also good in maintenance, but really worse in training and often got punishment in cleaning the pool and bathroom. She, along with the protagonist, are bad swimmer companion.

Nangou Tsukimi

Delinquent, quarrelsome and a bit bullish girl. Though a bit violent but actually she is a gentle girl. She loves driving, with all the experience of driving different vehicles, she called herself  “Emperor of unlicensed”. Because her parents are famous sailor and never came home, she thought they thrown her away. She didn’t get along well with Erna 😀

For AXL fans of course this is a must 😀 … oh btw, Hidamari will be re-release with full support in win Vista/7 😀

AXL新作第8弾「Dolphin Divers」 2012年6月29日発売予定!

(preparing the next preview >.<)


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