[Galge News] A Little Peek ^.^

<Update> Celebrate their 10 anniversary, Windmill present their fans 2 gift of new project … first is Kamigakari Cross Heart” which already announced a long time ago 😀 and be on market at 25 this month (this year) … second is … <that picture above> … a project called “Witch’s Garden” 😕

What is that? a galge, or … ??

Well … the answer is obvious (of course xD). Koocha will handle the art, and they planning to release this on summer (seems like so) … other info … still none for now xD even the official site only give you a ‘comming soon’ banner ^.^

ok … thats from Windmill (did you think it’s over? … no … not yet xD)

<Update> Second is a new project from Paretto …

yay it’s PARETTO \(^.^)/

Titled “Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki”, this will be their 12th so far, and it seems Tsubasu Izumi-sensei won’t be back to feng because she will handle the art in this new project ;_; (seems like she already on paretto side xD)

Site Open without other info, only a silhouette of the heroine (and already open from May 2 … I’m late to recognize D:)

<Update> The last is Clochette new work … though a bit late for me 😀

art by Shintarou

Called “Prism Recollection”, the story will take 2040 in the future (28 years from now ^.^) where the science and technology takes the important role in global culture, except some area in Japan. Official site already open from January, but it seems the update is a bit slow 😕 and their last update on March only adding story, world, gallery and product info.

Release Date … only scheduled in this year but the date and the month still unsure (TBA)

and of course …. Japan Sales Only (as they say in their site) xD


2 thoughts on “[Galge News] A Little Peek ^.^

  1. Cant wait for Palette’s new game~~ I’d be happy if it comes out in 2012 at all.

    btw some of the buttons on your blog roll have broken pictures

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