[Galge News] Little peek again :>

Little peek again for today ^.^

<Update> Let start with those 5 heroine (above) from upcoming untitled 12th project of Hook. Site open from April 18, and already announced officially at TechGian June edition (the magz released at April 20)

… other info … still none (xD)

And just like Windmill and Paretto, you will found only heroine silhouette on the official site (click pic above) 😀

Next is …

<Update> Second update for today came from Frontwing 😀

Announced officially at TechGian and PUSH (June edition), site open at April 20 (along with the magazine released date) and last update at April 28 (adding Character). Unlike the other developer, Frontwing didn’t hesitate to set the release date at September 28 this year, HOWEVER … I didn’t see Fumio‘s name in the Original/Character Design :O … only found that the design will be handled by Nanaka Mai. 

End already … don’t worry, there still one left for today’s update xD

<Update> And the last but not least is … ^.^

Lass newest project which is also their 5th so far 🙂

The title is “Shoujo Shiniki ~ Shoujo Tengoku – The Garden of Fifth Zoa” with the art by Hayagawa HaruiStatus: currently in progress of production, other info … none so far xD


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