[Galge News] 2 new peek

This year summer (and in the near end of summer) galge fans would be delighted with some good (highlighted) newly released, and today’s peek, we got 2 new title from 2 good developer.

First is from a developer which is known from their fantasy love galge combined with Tenmaso artwork, Whirlpool. They give a title “Ryuuyoku no Melodia”  and planned to release it at September 28, 2012. Official site (just click the pic above) open in May 17 featuring story, character, gallery and banner with a countdown release date on the top-right of the site …

When I take a peek on character list … I saw my favorite  seiyuu Sakakibara Yui-nyan as “Mel Carlisle” ❤ (can’t wait ^.^)

Preview will follow later (need to translate the synopsis ;__;)

Next are from Marmalade with their new title for this year. After their last year Love 2 Quad, Marmalade came with their 7th project title “Koiiro Marriage”. Three artist; Chikotamu, Sasorigatame, and Murakami Suigun (wow, chikotam + sasorigatame + murakami suigun \^.^/) will take the job as character design. Web site open in May 22, and the game will be released on August 31, 2012. this would be recommended galge especially for you who loves chikotam and murakami suigun’s artwork 😀

preview will follow later 🙂


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