[Galge Review] Hapitora

Title: はぴとら – Happy Transportation –
Release Date: September 25, 2009
Platform: PC
Developer/Publisher: Bloom Handle
Original Artwork: Peko
Genre: Romance, ADV(AVG)
Gore Scene: NO
H-Scene: Yes
Rating: 18+

This would be my first galge review (in English) in this blog 😀 Well, this is an old review that I made before (in Aoindonesia.net forum) and I decided to translate it in English (and put it in here :D). Oh well let’s stop the courtesy and just start the review xD (be ready for the long article xD and also, be careful with the little spoiler in the article :D) …

Hapitora is the latest project of Bloom Handle under Peko hands (as the original character design), released at September 25-2009, this series had a fandisc titled Gaiden – Aina no Shinkon Nikki and (if I’m not mistaken) was released at January 2010 (a year later) which is contain only Aina story with the protagonist. In this installment, Bloom Handle (Peko version ^.^) take up a different setting in time and world, compare to their previous work (that using current time and world xD).

Story with the wind on a ship

Hapitora takes the setting in a fantasy world (but not that medival fantasy) with almost all of the island in that world flying in the sky, in year of 756 (that world time and not our current time ‘anno domini’). One thing that special in that world is, every girls born with a special ability to control or manipulate the wind using a tool called Rod (well, just like flying broom in classics magical story ^.^) the rod itself not only can use to fly, but also they usually use it to stirring the turbine engine (something like power plant in our current time) … that is for normal use in everyday life, but in a higher level, that rod also can be used to make a ship (yes a ship, not a plane or anything which is similar to a flying thing, but a sea ship xD) flying in the sky :O which is of course depend on the skill of the user, and the one who can do that is called Shirufiido or “Sylpheed”. Though the Sylpheed title can only obtained by the girl, not every girl can be a sylpheed, only a skilled, well trained, or talented girl can be a sylpheed 😀

A sylpheed usually working at a transportation services (freight services, a travel agencies or both) company and an unemployed sylpheed is almost hard to found (except some special case like Rimia :p). Their job is to deliver the goods or transport people from one island to another and depend on their class, a sylpheed can transport using a little ship (who can bring few people) or a big ship (even a cruiser). About the class that I mentioned before, sylpheed has 3 main class; first and also the lowest class is Broom (or Bloom … which one? 😕 hmm) class. This class can only fly using a rod or a little boat and their work usually limited to delivery goods (well, some of them can carry a person or two), this class is also the basic class in sylpheed system so basically is full of trainee/newbie. The second class that also the middle class is Tiger, which can fly bigger ship (but a little bit smaller than cruiser) than bloom class. This class is also the common class, because almost every professional sylpheed were in this class. The last is Cruiser Class, and just like the name, this class is the highest rank in sylpheed system, which can fly cruiser class ship and other big ship, people who classified in this class also had some special skill, like she can fly in a difficult route (or a route which has a high pressure and turbulence) and can fly or control 2 ship at the same time, and because this class need a high requirement in skill and a hard test, only a few can be a Cruiser Class sylpheed (that’s why other people treat the cruiser class sylpheed like an Idol xD). One thing that is important to remember for every girl who want to be a sylpheed is, their skill will be weakened (and vanish) when their age reach 30.

Story begin with the return of the protagonist to Hisui Island. After finished his 6 month rod-maker training, Tio Ink came back to his land of birth, Hisui Island. With the 6 month absent for training, he was full of spirit when he return to Hisui Island, especially his parent’s little company “Sylpheed Ink” that now became his after his parents passed away. After Tio were hit by her childhood friend Raika Roberts that want to pick up for him, he along with Raika, go back to his company, hoping that his new skill would help the shop to be more better than before, sadly, he found out the problem that even he himself never thinking of it before

That his company is almost bankrupt …

In his shop that is also his home, he meet his foster sister Aina Blanche. When he found his shop is too quiet, Aina explain everything, about how his worker and his sylpheed decided to leave the shop, and the shop income that always in negative stat. All of the spirit from before now gone, Tio must thinking about how his shop can escape the bankruptcy. With the encourage from Aina, he know he can do it, but he too can’t always depend all the work on Aina, first he must found new Sylpheed, luckily for him Raika with her tsundere tone said that she will work as Sylpheed in Tio’s shop, but Tio can’t assured about that, because he know that Raika is Bloom class sylpheed and her skill can’t be used in term of Tiger class just like Aina, more of it that she is a clumsy (dojikko + tsundere xD epic win), though with Aina acceptance, Raika is officially Sylpheed Ink employee, but of course it’s not enough with just Raika and Aina. While Tio still wondering what he must do with the situation, another childhood friend of him, Craw Crawford with her tsundere personality came in to give him some advice and Tio do just like Craw said, to made a job vacancy, though the advertisement only bring one new sylpheed Limia de Wolfstein (a freelance sylpheed), at least Tio can be assure that his shop, with all the help from his friends, could still continue the business a little further …

Main Character

Tio Ink

Tio is our protagonist (shujinko) in this game, the current owner also the manager of “Sylpheed Ink”. A good, indulgent and polite person, his parents passed away when he still a child, thus Aina raised him as a little brother and also make her be a foster parents to him. His number one skill is cooking, and people around him consider his skill are the best (even beat the chief at Limia and Craw residence, according to Limia and Craw when they first taste Tio’s dish), and with a simple ingredients, Tio can make a good dish :D. Tio also like doing housework like cleaning the house and laundry that ironically, the girl in his house can’t do. Tio is a serious person when it comes to work as Sylpheed Ink Manager, though on the outside he looks weak, he considerably is strong (in physic) thanks to his 6 month training as Rod Master. The only weakness of him is that he’s really slow when dealing with girls feelings (a stereotype of a galge protagonist xD). His face (just like most of the galge protag) isn’t show in this game.

Raika Roberts

A childhood friend of Tio, also his neighbour. Raika is a Bloom Class Sylpheed that now work in Tio’s shop as one of ‘the two only’ sylpheed there (before Limia join Sylpheed Ink). A tsundere type and quick-tempered character, that always said the opposite of what she meant. She also a moody chara and always turn to be angry at Tio if it’s about Tio’s slow response, plus … a dojikko (clumsy) chara that her forehead always hit the kitchen door every morning ^.^ and every time she doing that, Tio (who know since childhood about her dojikko habit) always come to compress her forehead and give a plaster (it’s also his reason why he always bring a plaster everyday in his pocket).

The thing that Raika liked the most, is Tio’s dish, though (with her tsundere style) she never admit it, but she almost never absent to come to Tio’s house every morning for breakfast (well, she really loves to eat xD). She always add “Nya” in every word she said, whenever she angry or happy (just like Tsukimiya Ayu’s legendary “Uguu” from Kanon xD) and because of that, Limia give her a nickname “Nekomusume” (literally cat’s daughter xD). Her relationship with Craw is what you could say “a rival” and always quarrel whenever they meet, though they also a childhood friend and sometimes could be in a good term with each other. CV: Oohana Don

Craw Crawford

The other childhood friend of Tio, and the only daughter of Crawford family who has the biggest Sylpheed transportation services in Hisui Island (also the rival company of Sylpheed Ink when Tio’s parents still alive). Craw began to know Tio when Tio’s parents sometimes came to Crawford residence for some business thing, though their company are rival, but both Tio and Craw parents are in a good term (well at least until Tio’s parents passed away). While their parents is busy with their business talk, Tio and Craw always play together, and sometimes call Raika to join them and Aina that keep watching them playing together. Looking their close relationship, both of their parents then decided to engaged them. Unfortunately before they became officially engaged, Tio’s parents dead and Tio itself began to forget the engage and other “fiance” stuff, that makes Craw frustrated and sad when she know that Tio didn’t remember it (It appear that Craw always remember that engagement and looking forward to realized it one day ^.^).

Just like Raika, Craw is also a tsundere and moody character, and always gives the “dislike” atmosphere whenever she meet Tio (though in the inside she really like Tio and always glad to meet him ^.^;). She is a full pride rich daughter and like to use “baka” (mean stupid) and always blame Tio whenever her mood is bad (even though Tio didn’t do anything wrong). Her relationship with Raika isn’t as bad as with Limia as both of them always quarrel each other whenever they meet. Limia gives her nickname “wagamama musume” (literally ‘selfish daughter’) because of her selfishness attitude. CV: Izumi Ayaka

Limia de Wolfstein

Limia is a freelance sylpheed that become the newest member of Sylpheed Ink, it is revealed that she is a Cruiser Class Sylpheed (even though her body is like a child around of 12 ^^) and also the only daughter of Wolfstein who has the biggest Sylpheed company in the world (revealed in her route :p). Before she join Tio’s company, she is a freelance sylpheed who wandering every island with a mission “searching for a groom candidate”, (or should I say) because she didn’t want to attend the engagement which is initiated for her by her father (she ran away from home ^.^). Before she finally stayed in Tio house, Limia always keep moving from one island to another. At first, she think that Tio is a pervert and a peeping tom (refer from the accident on the public bath in the earlier of the game, when Tio went inside to save Raika after he hear Raika scream ^_^ … coincidentally, Limia also in there) but after she lives in his house and slowly know him, she began to develop a feeling for him, which of course will make Raika and Craw (plus Aimi xD) trying to distract her from Tio and always opposed her (if it’s about Tio).

She notice the job advertisement in Tio’s shop when Tio invite her, after she save Raika (on her work), and offer herself to working there, though Tio a bit in doubt with Limia decision (especially when he found out that Limia is a Cruiser Class and so far he never saw any cruiser class with a freelance status) but after Limia convinced him, he agree to employ her. Just like her title Cruiser Class, Limia’s skill is a top class and really above all the Tiger Class (even compared to Aina’s Skill), but because of her arrogant and high pride attitude, Craw dislike that (the reason why both of them always quarrel each other). She also dislike when people treat her like a child (because of her loli body xD) and always said “don’t judge a person by it’s appearance”. Of all the heroine in this game, only Limia that can cook, though isn’t in a same level as Tio, but at least she can make a simple dish and some daily dish (she is good when using kitchen knife), and this ‘melon pan’ fans also know a little about needlework. Limia like to address someone with a nickname, and the nickname from her for Tio is “geboku” (literally “servant” ^^). CV: Gogyo Nazuna

Aimi Walter

Maid in Crawford family who serve Craw (Craw personal maid). A clumsy, crybaby character who is never absent of being hit or fall on the floor. She never do her work without her clumsiness and avoid the mess, like the cup fall on the floor while she brought, or fell while mopping the floor or other task that sometimes make Craw worried for her. Even for brewing tea, Craw always do that instead of Aimi (make me feel Craw is more the maid than Aimi xD). The only skill that she proud the most is needlework, which is because of her clumsiness and fell periodically that makes her uniform torn off, she always sewing it herself, makes her used to it and began to good at it.

This Apple Pie lover also can make a cake, even though she learn it from Tio (at least she can be proud of it xD), and because of that, she always call Tio “Shishou” (literally “Master/Instructor”) but don’t ask her for making other dish aside of cake (because she can’t). She loves her master (Craw) and always think of her as a family and a sister of her. She also loves Tio but having a dilemma to express it because she know that her master Craw also loves Tio (something that Craw will strongly deny it if asked xD). For Tio, Craw looks like a big sister for Aimi, who always take care of her clumsy little sister (instead of their Master and Maid relationship). Aimi is the only heroine in this game that is not a Sylpheed, even though she can use the Rod (but limited only for stirring the turbine engine) and her route is the longest route (compared to the other three heroine … according to my play time xD) also “probably” the route that resemble the slice of life and drama the most 😀 CV: Toomi Haruka

Other Character

Aina Blanche

Aina is Tio’s foster sister who raised him after the death of his parents. She is a warm and gentle character and always positive thinking, and even though their shop almost bankrupt, Aina never seen panic or in negative state instead always smile and said “daijoubu” or “don’t worry” (that is her strong point xD). She is hard to get angry but don’t underestimate her especially if it’s about Sylpheed, because her “devil” side will come (it happen to Raika when she train her very strict about sylpheed that Raika then call her “oni”). Aina (so far) is the most talented sylpheed girl in Hisui Island, the former Cruiser Class is the longest employee who work in Sylpheed Ink and Tio’s Parents already consider her as a child (and a sister of little Tio) until the death of Tio’s parents and she decided to take their role as a single parent and raise Tio.

Aina is a popular girl among the people in Hisui Island. She even more famous while still active as a Cruiser Class Sylpheed because of her legendary skill and her achievement of always being a champion ever time the Sylpheed Race held in Sora Sai (the name of the festival in Hapitora world :D) but due to the fact that a sylpheed skill will slowly degenerate when the age near 30, Aina too cannot avoid the fact that now her class is equal to Tiger Class, though her experience as a legendary Sylpheed cannot be denied (even the high pride Limia really respect Aina ^.^). The thing that she loves the most is Tio, and always sneak in Tio’s room to sleep with him (xD) her weakness is getting up late in the morning, and cooking (that she really can’t cook which is Tio sometime thinking, what if all the cooking and other housekeeping-related skill merged with her sylpheed skill), she also loves to hug Tio from behind (when Tio still cooking in the kitchen) which is sometimes make Raika jealous when she see it. Aina always refer to herself as AI-chan and even though she is a cheerful and sometimes childish person, but Aina age is really near 29 😀 CV: Sakuragawa Mio

Rain Coleman

This Freelance Sylpheed is a former Slypheed Ink employee that now work with some humanity organization, but sometimes came to help Sylpheed Ink whenever they’re short of hand, though her reason are only to come to see Raika. Rain is Raika’s best friend and also know Tio since childhood. A “not talk to much” character and really like Raika (she said Raika is her favorite), or should I say, she admire the cuteness of Raika, though Tio described of her as a ‘Raika maniac’. Every time Raika doing something, she never deny her as long as Raika is happy with it, and she will threaten every one (include Tio) if they makes Raika cry. She like Raika but she know that Raika loves Tio, even so she didn’t hate Tio, instead they sometimes seem in a good (or maybe normal) term which each other. Though her skill already in Tiger Class, but Rain never take that class (or the class exam) and insist in Bloom Class with Raika with a reason that she want to take the Tiger class together with Raika one day. CV: Aoba Ringo

Lenny Concepcion and Shirley Concepcion

This siblings girl is a former Sylpheed Ink employee that now working with Crawford company. They decided to left Slypheed Ink (temporary) because of the financial problem in their family (and because the payment in Tio’s shop didn’t enough for them xD), and as Craw confirm to Tio, that her company will take care of them for a while until Sylpheed Ink began to stable again (though Raika assume that Craw stole them away from Tio’s shop ^^). Lenny (the ponytail) is a cheerful and easy going character that sometimes slipped out while talking about something which always warned by Shirley (but sometimes Lenny can also give a good advice for the character) while Shirley (the grey hair) is a calm, gentle and grown-up person which is opposite to Lenny. Both of them manage an inn and have a little brother named Yukai whom they called him “baka otouto” (literally “stupid little brother”) CV: (Lenny) Ryouhana; (Shirley) Azuma Yui

Mira Marlowe & Maha Marlowe

This twin sister is the personal bodyguard of Limia. At first they came to Hisui island with a mission to bring back Limia to Wolfstein residence under the order of her father, though Limia insist to stay at Tio’s house and ordered back them to go home. After various things happen at Sora Sai, they decided to stay in Hisui island (especially in Tio’s house) and take one of the room in Tio’s house without asked. Mira & Maha is identical (in appearance) but a very opposite person inside, while Mira (the glasses one) is a serious and cool person (with her glasses makes her more grown-up), Maha is playful and a noisy chara (which sometimes makes her looks stupid xD). CV: Takato Sana

Yukai Concepcion & Phii

Yukia is Lenny and Shirley’s little brother and a friend of Tio. Stupid, pervert and like to peep in the public bath (running at their Inn that manage by both of his sister) though always end with the rage of his sister Lenny and every time his sister angry, he always hiding in Tio’s place, also he never absent begged for a breakfast to Tio which sometimes make Raika upset that her share decreased. Except for his pervert habitude, he really a good for nothing character, but both Yukai and Phii combo can lift up the atmosphere more fun.

While Yukai is a pervert boy, Phii is a (strange) creature that is more pervert than Yukai. Though he claimed that he is a Sylpheed Ink mascot, his attitude is really resemble a “sukebe oyaji” (literally pervert old man) and Yukai call him “shishou” because of his pervert experience, but the mascot title is true because Phii has the skill to manipulate the wind and can cope with the high air turbulence in some hard route that makes him very useful for Bloom Class such as Raika (and that’s the reason why he stay at Tio’s house). Raika sometimes bring him while doing some work and training with him though she really dislike Phii’s pervert attitude (and sometimes mad at him) CV: (Yukai) Zetsumi; (Phii) Kobayashi Itoshi

Last Word

One thing that makes me play this game is because of Peko (I really like Peko’s Artwork xD), compared to Peko’s work in previous game, this one looks more adorable and sweet (moe >.<). The story itself is a bit light but somehow fun (so for the one who expect a hard, difficult and heavy drama story, you won’t find it here … ah, maybe Aimi route is a bit heavy :p) with all the heroine behavior that trying to seeking Tio’s attention for them (sometimes compete with each other xD) … well, you could say that the story is around their everyday life with their job or the interaction with the people around them (but not the school life like the other galge had).

The only route that a bit dramatic and emotional is Aimi route (well compare to the other route :-?) and about the graphics/arts, just like I said before that the art is a bit nicer than previous game with Peko’s characteristic still there :D. The seiyuu (Voice Actress) can deliver each character very well (especially Raika’s seiyuu “Oohana Don” that can bring Raika’s cuteness even more xD), but unfortunately, the thing that disappointed in this game is the BGM and the sound effect. Several of the BGM somehow didn’t fit with some scene on the game, and the various of the music is measly 😦 but the opening is good (it’s Yui “nyan” Sakakibara xD)

Anyway, the game is considered a good galge (from me :D) though the story is light (and somehow a bit boring) but fun 😀 and for you who look for a galge with light pace (easy to follow xD) and not “too dramatic” and “heavy” story with some comedic harem inside, you can consider this game ^^

Finally, My point for this game is …

Story: 7.5/10 (don’t expect the story will be like Key’s game, kay :D)
Art: 8.5/10 (adorable and sweet art from Peko >.<)
Gameplay: N/A (this is a visual novel so don’t expect any RPG gameplay inside :p)
BGM: 6/10 (unfortunately the weakness of this game 😦 )

Hope you enjoy my review 😀 I’ll make some again, one day >.<


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